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Guys, Thank You!

Guys Thank You so much, this Year this Account Grew Up really Fast, all Thanks to You!
I Never thought You All would Like My Art

I Love You All, This is Year was a Good Year :heart:

Thank You so Much!


Please Enjoy this Days with your Family and the People you Love :heart:

I Wish You the Best for the New Year 2018!


I Love You All :heart:

I need more Followers con my Twitter Account qwq

Anonimo's Twitter

Plz, Help! qwq
Enjoy your Life with the People you Care
I love ya all :heart:

Anonimo's Tumblr

Please!!! ;w;

Commissions : CLOSED
Art Trades : OPEN
Collabs : CLOSED
Requests : CLOSED
Kiribans : NEVER

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1.) Post the rules.
2.) Post 8 facts about your character.
3.) Tag 8 other characters.
4.) Post their names along with their creators.

8 Facts About Anonimo:

1.-Her Height is 1.55 cm
2.-She loves Girly Things
3.-Favorite Colors : Blue, Purple/ Violet, Pink
4.-Always Brush her Hair Before Sleep
5.-Loves Candies
6.-Her Pijama Outfit is a Pastel-Pink Sweater-Hoddie
7.-She has Curly Brown Hair
8.-Hates and Love Everything at the Same Time (Even She Hates Herself for be a Tsundere)

Bonus: She Loves Learning :heart: New Languages :heart:

I tag:
:heart: Anyone who wants to do It :heart: