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Copying vs inspiration
Hello everyone, its me, Miny and today i will show you inspiration vs copying an oc.
Someone copied Nini-the-inkling's inkling oc and i find that very annoying
another person copied blucloud-zz's oc and changed only the hat.

You see this! She only changed the fucking hat!
That is NOT inspiration! That is copying the OC of Nini.
My friend Jodie told me about her isnpiration

You can see she took inspiration of the style but she used it to a different picture.

Again only the hat and the pants! Its so similar.
Dont go to me saying "but their different!" because sure they might have differences but having the same colour, same eyes same clothes and skin and then its not copying?!
Yeah right you make me laugh.
Nini has inspiration too, she told me
:iconxxminyartsxx:xXminyartsXx 1 24
We need to stop this.

I'm so shoked from this journal,that actually full of LIES and '"""oPinION''"'''.
First,opinion its not when you saying "OMG SHE COPIED HER AND HIM AND EVERYONE PSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHH" and then saying "OH HH itS oPInION!!1111",no.
Everyone can have the same inksona,and i agree with NyanPocky , SquidoOctoWoomy and fricklefracklev3 .
No one can own the game,and apparently,some people have the same inksona,just like @/blucloud-zz SquidoOctoWoomy and @/Gospodi-n have the same fucking sweater of their inksona.Its stupid to start a big deal over an inksona and then,you all will say "GOOOD YOU DOOOOOING dRAAAAAAAAAAAmmmAAAAAAAAAAAAA!111111" Its relly stupid.
You started this first,you need to end.You did this useless journal of full of lies that Monika and Liyah copies @/blucloud-zz and @/Nini-the-inkling ,even tho,they're not.
Just stop this shit right now,be
:iconvicky-dudese255:vicky-dudese255 5 25
The Accident at Sugar and Shagur's-Chapter 1 Begin
In a normal day in a small city were lived two girls (they're twins) Sugar and Shagur, they never get along with each other, just because Shagur is always have envy on Sugar, because she was the popular one, the beautiful one, the cutiest one and more
They tried a lot to dont have any contact with each other, yes you read it. One day a guy come to their home and said
Guy: Hello pretty girls, I dont want to bother you, but Im giving you an offert to work at the Fernando's Restaurant. Yes that place where have a lot of children's birthday, if u accept the offert just call me.   And he walks away
Sugar: Amazing! An offert to work, never happens in this town QwQ
Shagur: Do you really trust in this guy? i mean...he looks suspecious
Sugar: Shagur, you know, we need money to live in this house U-Ù
Shagur: I know but you cant trust in anyone that looks and amazing
They discussed about this like hours, hours and hours, by the way they accep
:iconisathebear496:IsaTheBear496 3 0
Im sorry..
I apologize for my behavior towards people that trace my art or copy my characters.
I´ll explain to you why I am like this for a long time (in a short way)
I get upset over this kind of things very easily. 
I don´t really know how to reason with people, not even online. I was never taught to defend my rights in the right way.
When I asked my mother how should I respond to this kind of situations, she just told me to tell them to fuck off.
And I thought it was the right way to make people stop. But I realized it was all a lie. 
Being how I was told to act just made everything worse for myself and other people that I have rudely attacked.
But then I heard how to act the right way without being an asshole, blucloud-zz told me to act nicely and advice them to watch out what they are doing before they have to faced the actual consequence. 
But I know what you are thinking "Nini you are 19 you should know that!!" how should I know when my mother wasn´t the one
:iconnini-the-inkling:Nini-the-inkling 22 16
Marie by MegaBuster182 Marie :iconmegabuster182:MegaBuster182 99 5 SNaSS by IsaTheBear496 SNaSS :iconisathebear496:IsaTheBear496 11 12 Happy Birthday Hella 4/4 by blucloud-zz Happy Birthday Hella 4/4 :iconblucloud-zz:blucloud-zz 89 2 Happy Birthday Hella 3/4 by blucloud-zz Happy Birthday Hella 3/4 :iconblucloud-zz:blucloud-zz 77 2 Happy Birthday Hella 2/4 by blucloud-zz Happy Birthday Hella 2/4 :iconblucloud-zz:blucloud-zz 82 0 Happy Birthday Hella 1/4 by blucloud-zz Happy Birthday Hella 1/4 :iconblucloud-zz:blucloud-zz 84 2 Paulo (from SNaSS) by IsaTheBear496 Paulo (from SNaSS) :iconisathebear496:IsaTheBear496 14 7 Shagur (from SNaSS) by IsaTheBear496 Shagur (from SNaSS) :iconisathebear496:IsaTheBear496 14 5 Sugar (from SNaSS) by IsaTheBear496 Sugar (from SNaSS) :iconisathebear496:IsaTheBear496 17 8 COMMISSIONS OPEN 2018 by lKuroneko COMMISSIONS OPEN 2018 :iconlkuroneko:lKuroneko 8 0
I am BACK!
YES I'M BACK GUYS!!! I was camping for a whole week so sry I didn't tell you guys. and sry if some of you missed me ;w; but I can't make promises at the moment that I will have time for you. I have to pack this week and next week I'm gone for 2 weeks... In France... Without hanging out with you... ;w; Welp that was all! I hope you won't miss me <33
:iconcelinappg-elena-fan:CelinaPPG-Elena-Fan 2 6
Wadanohara And The Great Blue Sea TEAM!(2 places)
Umm,since i've played this game MILLION times,i wanted to do a TEAM! 
So here you go!  
Wadanohara  - vicky-dudese255
Red Sea Wadanohara (Normal End 1)   - 
Blue Sea Wadanohara (Normal End 2)  - 
The Sea Witch  -
Samekichi  - HarunoPastelBonBon
Memoca   -
Dolphi - TunetiaDA24 / LeeBravo
Fukami - TunetiaDA24 / owlover09 (sorry that i blocked you,@/Miriack told me to do that)
Sal  - My friend Vika from real life / 
Princess Uomi -
Princess Mikotsu  -
The Great Sorcerer / Meikai  - vicky-dudese255
Princess Tosatsu -
Tatsumiya - TunetiaDA24 /
Pulmo - 
Good Sal  -  
Chlomaki -
Lobco - XxMissPiaxX (PLEASE NOBODY ELSE.i dont want me and Lucy have million lobco's xd)
Cherryblod - vicky-dudese255  (CLOSED PLS nOOO000)
Doloz - inastanea (CLOSED TOO)
Helica -
Aom - 
Creamil -
:iconvicky-dudese255:vicky-dudese255 4 2




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