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decided to put some additional effects to Ahri since the previous felt kind of empty on cg effect :)
gave some sparkly water and light effect to the water and blur to the fox fires :D
taking a break from a friend commission since im having frustration with the old tablet i have = =
note that the effect were purely made from mouse and not from tablet cause of the tablet = =
but other than that hope you guys have an awesome day :3

let's have some REAL fun <3
Ahri the nine tailed fox from league of legends
tried some new techniques here and there and jeezus did the tails take forever = =
hope you guys like it :)

The character belongs to Riot Games Inc. All rights reserved.
drawn by bunny15539
please do not use as any commercial means without permission from Riot Games Inc. and without my permission thank you

also you can now order a high definition of this piece at this website:

thank you :)
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My favourite fanart !
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So, I really love your style, this makes Ahri pop up so greatly, but dude, those legs... They do 2/3 of the full body size, I can't unsee it D:
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I really love this piece, really nice !

But I was just wondering what the hell happend with the proportions ? I mean, there's no perspective in the drawing and you can put 2x the head+chest combo in the size of the legs D:
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Beautiful!!!!! really well done.
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Beautifully done!
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This is so gorgeoussss * u *!!
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waaooo ... Me too i love ahri :D ... I made statue league of legends ( ahri too ) if you want to see :p (… )
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Amazing work! <3
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Hello! :hug:
Your art has been featured in my group's monthly feature: JULY: FEATURED WORKS
Keep up the great work! :heart:
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Amazing work Bunny!! I already loved it before, but she looks even better with those additional effects! And the fact that you used a mouse to add those makes it even more impressive *Q* 
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awwwwww haha great that i could receive a compliment from you xD
it was so frustrating to use the mouse though ;_; but thank you very much
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Simply beautiful. love the painterly look of the colors.
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thank you very much for saying that ;_;
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Fantastic! I love this :D the colors are beautiful and her body is well drawn :)
Anomdayo's avatar
thank you very much for the detailed compliment :D
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The way you bring this pic is well done. Plus the way you pose her and her fire fox(her ability) really brings life to it. Further more I like your work and how u took time to make this pop, keep up the great work.
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wow for the first time someone described the image i was trying to show to the viewers...great explanation, explained everything i was trying to strive for ;_; thank you very much and i will not disappoint you in the future :D
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This is so amazing! I love this work and i Love this style! Congratulations!
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haha thank you very much for saying that and thank you once more <3 xD
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I love the amount of detail you've put into her, she looks absolutely amazing.
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dawwwh thank you very much for the compliment <3 :D
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You're welcome
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