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Hello everyone o/
Long time no anything, huh?

Dunno if anyone even noticed I was gone qwq
But it's okay!
I recently made a new Deviantart account
:iconanarchykj: there you can see any new literature or artwork I post
It's also where I'll be posting comics
so if you like me at all, do give me a look!
I also have a tumblr that I'm more active on and you can find that here
Howdy errybody,
I might be back into business :^)
Have any fanfiction requests before I start shooting out some new ones?

My first goal, of course, is to actually finish Glass Sky.
I left that hanging for way too long, and I am so sorry.
I realized that when I checked my and chapter 13 was sitting in there, almost completely done. :'(
Hello everyone!!!
Applications are open once again!

Here are the actor applications:

Here are the builder applications:

Here are some examples of my roleplays!:

I might start writing again.
(which means I'm feeling lonely)
So, maybe expect a fic or two?
(unless my friends actually acknowledge my existence)
I've always liked writing fanfiction. You know? It made me feel less lonely, and I liked to cheer other people up with it. (:

WTF ?! Prussia (chat icon) 
Anyone want any specific characters?
(not promising anything, but you know)
Hetalia characters, that is.
I have a few fics in the works from months and months ago, so I might finish those up.

What are some of your favorite oneshots of mine? I'm looking to rewrite a few and add on. c:

So, a while ago I was searching for body actors to fulfill my dream of making a roleplay. 

Well, thanks to that, I applied for SirCutieYuki's roleplay series (and got in!), and met some great people through it somehow. 
We've banded together to try and make our own roleplay too!
It's called "Karma Academia."
That's all you get to know for now, but we need more actors!

It just so happens yesterday was our FIRST official recording, and it was great fun! Even though my crew is very small (only 14 people), we recorded our first Halloween special! <3

If you're interested in applying to be an actor...

Here's the link!…

We're not looking for a lot of people, only a few.
Also, we do deny applications, but for good reasons. (We don't want people of certain ages).
If accepted, you will be put in a trial.
Then, our current actors will decide if you get to stick around. (:
My brother and I are playing Minecraft on my server!!
Feel free to come on and build whatever you want!
Probably will be open all day!
Version 1.10.2 for PC version!
Untitled (5) by AnomalyKJ

Bloody Tides C9 = July 29th
The Meaning, 2p!China = August 1st
Glass Sky C6 = August 3rd

The Rules of Dating Me Prologue = Undecided
RedMaid + HetaDS Update = TODAY
Active Projects | July20th by AnomalyKJ

      Lots of people I had working on this with me decided to quit. :( So, I'm afraid this will either have to be postponed or cancelled all together. Sorry if you were looking forward to it. :C

Quick update, nothing major

Okay, so like. I'm totally a graduating senior so I really have no time.
I've been trying to write at least every day for a few minutes, but it's kind of hard. I have alot of homework to do and even more classes to finish before May 20th. Normally I have weekend off, but I've been doing my mass amount of work on those days as well (at this rate, I'll burn out real quick, but let's not discuss that). 

Now, this isn't supposed to be a journal about complaining (though I dot hat a lot). 

So, I've been writing this oneshot the past few days. It's really close to being done. Really close. I plan on posting it the moment it's done. I'm just a little nervous that I'll post it and then having nothing until I graduate. :? That's why I've been so inactive this year - graduation. I'm not leaving the fandoms I'm in, I swear!!!

I wonder.........

Would my friends/family/DeviantART people rather see the demo for the Dating Sim for Heta? Or would they rather get oneshots? :S
What do you prefer to read?

1st person pov (using I's and me's)
3rd person pov (using he's and she's)
2nd person pov (using you's and your's)

I usually write in 3rd person pov, but I realized in my literature class most people don't understand 3pov. I don't know if that makes sense, but most of the kids in my class get confused with it. They said they preferred 1st person pov because it was easier to understand.
I agree, it is easier to understand. You're not getting a crapton of info in 1st.
However, it's extremely repetitive. :?
You're always using Is and Mys and Mes. That's annoying. One of my pet peeves is when sentences start the same way every time.
I used to only write in 1st person, and then I decided that 3rd person felt easier. It is easier. You don't have to balance the story as much, but it's not as immersive. :c
I hate 2nd person pov. It's just weird. I hate it. I'll probably try to write with it once and never do it again.
Hds by AnomalyKJ

Several characters have individual romance stories, and some have joints ones - winner with 30 votes. So, I'll take this into account and begin more work on the game! 

    Survey will close Sunday at noon (EST)!

                    Concerning HetaDateSim

        I have been getting many questions about HetaDateSim and when it'll be out. So, I'll be answering the most frequently asked questions!

Q. When is the expected time of arrival?
A. No plans as to when yet, I was hoping last Christmas, but then my schedule got tight, and I'm not very close to completion anymore.

Q. Do you still need help on Sprites/Backgrounds/Music?
A. I could always use the help! I'm fairly certain I got Sprites done/almost done. If any of my artists drop out or would like me to not use their work, I will make my own sprites. As for backgrounds, they are ALWAYS welcome. Music too!

Q. What characters are we going to be romancing?
A. If you bothered to read the original post, you would have realized there was a poll as to whom will be partaking in this event. Chances are, you may have voted on who you wanted, too.
The 8 characters that will definitely be apart of this DateSim are:
  • Russia
  • Italy
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Japan
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Romano

If all goes well, they'll have their own, separate endings. There is also the possibility that I may redo the routes and make original stories to each one. Not sure yet, I will update in the next month or so on what I decide.

Q. Is this game going to be voice acted?
A. If you want a crappy display of my voice acting skills, sure. Though, I am doubtful that you do, so there will be no voice acting.

Q. What date sim is this going to be like? More like Amnesia: Memories or more like Seduce Me the Otome?
A. Is it strange that I've played both? That's not the answer. Anyway, I originally planned to make it more like Seduce Me (free on Steam), with one overall plot. However, people have been asking for different stories for each so they have more content. I'm debating whether I want to do that or not. It'll be easier on my part, and definitely more play time all together for the gamers here.

Q. Wait, but Kendall...? What IS a DateSim???
A. A DateSim is short for "Dating Simulator." You may know the Japanese wording, "Otome." Basically, you are presented with a group of young men who all want to romance you and take you on Dates. HetaDateSim is more of a HetaOtome, but since I'm not Japanese, I decided to go with the English variant.

Q. I'm not good with art or music, is there other ways I can help?
A. If you really want to, I'll need spellcheckers for the first version. So, when I release V1.0.0, you can go through it and report any spelling/grammar errors there.

Q. Will there be Sex in it?
A. I'm doubtful. I will not be drawing any of that, nor writing it. The only way you'll get sex out of this game is if you offer to draw and write it. I know nothing about sex, and I plan on keeping it that way.

Q. What's the game rating and genres?
A. The genres are dependent per Lover. However, the overall genre is Romance, and each category has a subgenre of humor, drama, or something else. As for the game rating, I think 16+ will be fine. There will be swearing, some sexual innuendos and basically anything you find in my oneshots.

Q. You said before the game will have multiple endings, how is that? I've played other dating sims, but they all ended up the same ending just with different characters...?
A. Ren'py has a lot of capabilities. Each ending would be based on a certain status, I'll call it, of the game. These love/heart points. The more you have, the better the ending. I don't really know how it'll play out or how the game mechanics will turn out to be yet, so please wait for a future update.

Q. You mentioned mini games?
A. Yes, I did. If I learn how to use mini games in Ren'py, there will definitely be some.

Q. I don't see my waifu/husbando on the list!? HElp?! Can you please add him/her?!
A. If your husbando isn't on the list, he isn't on the list. I took a while to sit down and decide what characters I'll do (albeit, I used a survey). If your husbando isn't on the list, I'm sorry. I'm not adding anymore as main characters.

Q. Will there be any Easter Eggs to find?
A. Oh definitely.

Q. Will there be a demo?
A. Most likely yes. Hopefully I can get it out by the end of June. Wish me luck.

     Alright, so those are most frequently asked questions that I've received from Wattpad, Facebook, notes on here, and friends. So, comment below if you have anymore, and I'll answer the best I can.
Now, I have a new POLL for you all!

     This will determine whether I will do different stories for each, or the same for all. If I do the same story for all, the game play will be significantly less. I planned the game to be about 5 hours long by the end of it, and that's for only one path down the main story. But who wants to go down the main story 8 times just to get the full gist of it all? No one. So, I was thinking of making individual love stories that are about 1-3 hours each.

If you like that, make sure to vote on the poll - >

If you've been wondering where I disappeared to:

I'll try to be back soonish, once I get over this sudden heaviness of life
The winners are chosen at random.
Their usernames are written on a slip of paper and pulled out from a santa hat.
If you feel like it's unfair, I apologize.
If there is no response within a week, the prizes will be redrawn. 


   Bullet; Red Arrow left First Prize;
  Bullet; Red 5,000 word Oneshot (xreader)
  Bullet; Red Three part mini series (1,000 words per chap) (xreader)
  Bullet; Red Featuring 3 artworks from your page!

   Bullet; Green Arrow left Second Prize;
  Bullet; Green 2,000 word Oneshot (xreader)
  Bullet; Green Featuring 3 artworks from your page!
   Bullet; Red Arrow left Third Prize;
  Bullet; Red 1,000 word Oneshot (Xreader)
  Bullet; Red Featuring 2 artworks from your page!

Fandoms that I will write for:

Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin
Ouran Highschool Host Club
CreepyPasta (only a few)
Dragonball Z
Tokyo Ghoul
Fullmetal Alchemist
Fruits Basket
Vampire Knight
Harry Potter


First Place: :iconart3mis254:

Please comment or note me the appropriate information regarding your prize!

Second Place: :icondayanathehegie:

Please comment or note me the appropriate information regarding your prize!

       Third place has not responded.  Therefore, third place prize goes to:
Third Place: :iconsweetsandexpressos:

Please comment or note me the appropriate information regarding your prize!

Hello everybody! 
I decided to do a little Christmas contest thingy!
It's not going to be really big, so I'm not sure how to do this!

Anywho, I'll list the prizes, rules, and what you have to do to enter.


Bullet; White Arrow left No double entry.
Bullet; Black Arrow left Only comment once.
Bullet; White Arrow left Follow all directions to enter
Bullet; Black Arrow left All entries must be in by December 23rd 2015
Bullet; White Arrow left Winners must request ONLY what's on the list
Bullet; Black Arrow left Do not discourage others
Bullet; White Arrow left No Yaoi/Yuri, but platonic is fine
Bullet; Black Arrow left I don't do smut

Fandoms that I will write for:

Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin
Ouran Highschool Host Club
CreepyPasta (only a few)
Dragonball Z
Tokyo Ghoul
Fullmetal Alchemist
Fruits Basket
Vampire Knight
Harry Potter


   Bullet; Red Arrow left First Prize;
  Bullet; Red 5,000 word Oneshot (xreader)
  Bullet; Red Three part mini series (1,000 words per chap) (xreader)
  Bullet; Red Featuring 3 artworks from your page!

   Bullet; Green Arrow left Second Prize;
  Bullet; Green 2,000 word Oneshot (xreader)
  Bullet; Green Featuring 3 artworks from your page!
   Bullet; Red Arrow left Third Prize;
  Bullet; Red 1,000 word Oneshot (Xreader)
  Bullet; Red Featuring 2 artworks from your page!

Entry Guidelines:

Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Favorite this journal
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Comment on this journal with one of the following questions answered:
1.) What is your favorite oneshot of mine?
2.) What is your favorite show?
3.) What is your favorite holiday?