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Logo Designs by Anomalies13 Logo Designs by Anomalies13
These are some logos that I made for some businesses that I actually really like as final products. The only one that's being used by the client is the one for "The Realty," which I am really pleased about. I made three separate versions of the pyramid icon (it's amazing how simple it is to make a vector pyramid, holy sheet!) with the text and of the three, this pyramid logo happened to be the one I was secretly rooting for. So I was glad the client picked that one as their logo. After chatting with them earlier today, it's beginning to sound like I'll be designing a lot more for them beyond my general scope for website branding design (print media design) so I'm looking forward to cracking open my InDesign someday soon. 

In any case. If you ever see the black/red pyramid and "The Realty" anywhere in the future, you can be like "Hey, I know who designed that thing." 

The other two, although both really nice in my opinion, were rejected by the clients. We're still on the drawing board with logos for both of these businesses. A lot of hours went into Lady Justice, which I was definitely going for detail on that one. I'm sad she was rejected. And the last one, I had made like 3 or 4 different globe logos. You'd be surprised how many globe logos you can make. But this one was the only one that was very open and clean, a logo style I've always quite liked and never quite could manage to do (I'm very line-centric in everything I do, so playing around with making parts open versus closed and solid versus having strokes/lines is always a challenge for me) so I was pretty impressed with myself here. The last one was actually the first one in development. Lady Liberty was an hours-long project in Illustrator and I finished the pyramid while in progress with Lady Liberty, so those were kind of simultaneous projects.
LadyScourgE Featured By Owner May 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
The Lady Liberty one kicks ass in my opinion. Too bad she was rejected.
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