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You put a smile on my face

My latest drawing of a man who inspires me every day... he's Michael Jackson. I named this "You put a smile on my face" because that's what happens every time I see him smile. I just can't help but to start smiling myself. (:

Made this for my next exhibition, that starts in August. Michael will be the main star, but I'm also drawing some big icons like Elvis and Marilyn Monroe. Exciting!
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This is so good! and love the quote as well!
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Looks photorealistic!:)
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Wow, you do fantastic work. It is so realistic like from a photograph.
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Can you give me the real photos you studied for do this masterpiece?I send you my email address  :-) , if you have time please send me those photos I wolu  love to have them, I don't find them anywhere, so big...pleaseeeee...
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I'll see if I can find them online, I had them on my old Mac, but I spilled coca-cola all over it, so it is now dead. :'( Send me your email then, and I'll email them to you. ;)
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Outstanding!!! love it, adore I'm speechleess...Can we share the email address and talk a bit ?? I want to ask you also HOW you can do this works so REALISTIC. Do you have WIP photos?  I can't see forward to ask you something about paper and pencils and other stuffs, but also talk about Michael me! I'm not good in english but it's a dream to learn from you! God bless you,

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Thank you! (: Sure, no problem. Well, I use certain techniques that make it look more realistic. Of this particular drawing I've only got 1 WIP photo tumblr_mno084ogzZ1qc0uy0o1_1280.png Aw, you're so sweet! :huggle: I would love to talk to you. My email's ;)
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I am speechless too ... this is AMAZING :heart:
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Thank you so much! :heart:
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It is mindblowing....i m speechless. looks alive . woaww....adding to my Favs :D
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Thank you, I'm so glad you like it! (:
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This is incredibly fantastic!
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Thank you so much! (:
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It's incredible. This put a smile on my face ;)
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Thank you! :D And I'm glad it did :aww:
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omg it's so realistic and smooth!!!!! I would have passed over it thinking it was a photo if I didn't see it was from you!
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^^ Hehe, that's awesome! That's what I wanted, for it to be super realistic. :meow:
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omj (omg) superb!Clap Clap 
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So realistic. I almost thought it was a photo. Can you give me any advice? I'd love to be as talented as you some day.
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