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EggyBacon04 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Hello! I'm your partner from :iconprojectcomment:!

1)What would you say is the most defining aspect of my art?


The colouring stands out to me the most, and I see it as a connection between all the arts. I notice the S-curved highlight of the hair, which makes your art easily recognisable. The lighting effect which you used is very vibrant and quite consistent throughout.


2)What is something you would like to see implemented in my art?


That’s a difficult question. I wouldn’t tell you to implement anything additional, since you are already drawing both humans and animals amazingly, with fairly detailed backgrounds.  Though I would love to see a piece in which the background is the main focus instead of a character. I see that your backgrounds are complex and interesting. I would love to see how it will communicate more about the character by giving it more focus.


3)What are my weaknesses?


I notice the front view of the human nose can use more structure and be larger in size. The nose appears too small to me, almost as if the nostrils are pinched together and it is impossible to breath comfortably. I feel that the two edges of the nose should line up with eyebrows.  The bridge of the nose should be the highest point of the face, therefore, receiving the brightest point of highlight on the face. Without it, the nose can appear buried into the face.


4)Which piece stands out the most to you and why?


Enchanted’ stands out the most to me. I find the anatomy of this piece to be especially well done compare to earlier pieces. The complexity in shading combined with the detail of the line art makes this piece full of depth. The contrast of such sharpness with the softness of a blurred background allows the subject the stands out much more. The blurred look also conveys a sense of distance/depth without appearing too simplified.

(Sorry for being so slow with my reply. I hope my response makes sense and is helpful to you in some way)

Anoixi Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for your detailed comment! I never noticed the nose problem before and I'll be sure to fix it in future pieces. And I'll try and do a piece with the background as the focus instead of the character ^u^

//And pssh don't worry about being slow :'-D
KokoKiero Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2018
Hi there, I'm from ProjectComment's Gallery at a Glance!

My first impressions upon looking at your gallery is that you draw anime-esque human and animal characters. A lot of them are by themselves rather than in a group setting, and there are a lot of head or bust shots looking straight ahead or in a 3/4 view. Your colouring schemes are very bright, saturated, and vibrant. You use the whole rainbow, but I am seeing a lot of blues and purples throughout your gallery.

I think the most defining aspect of your art, for me, is either the way you colour or the facial features on your characters. I notice with all of your human characters that the nose, mouth, and eyes are pretty much always in the same place and the face shape is roughly the same as well. The colouring of the eyes and skin and the hair cut and colour are the only way to tell them apart. I also notice that the nose and mouth are usually drawn at the same angle, and that the mouth is usually slightly open. I would say this is a fairly defining area of your work because I see it in quite a few pieces in your gallery. As I've mentioned, your colouring is very bright and vibrant. I also see that a lot of your pieces have 'sun ray' type effects, or camera lense circular patterns, as well as some sort of small object in large numbers floating near and around the character. Again, this is so prevalent that I think it's fairly defining in your artwork.

I think there are a few things you could implement in your art and play around with to switch it up sometimes (this of course will also depend on your personal preference!). I like your pieces with two characters interacting, and I think including a few of your headshot or bust pieces with more than one character would be nice. I think exaggerating the expression and pose of your characters a little more to really get different feelings (sad, happy, mad, etc) across to your audience would help vary your gallery. I really like your colouring, but maybe challenging yourself to do something more subdued, perhaps black and white, sepia, or just less saturated colours would be interesting. Your backgrounds look great, so maybe trying to do a piece where the focus is on the environment and the character(s) are just doing something within the scene could be fun as well.

I would say your weaknesses are some things that I've already mentioned. I see a lot of the same faces and poses in your gallery, and I think if you took the hair and clothes away from your characters that they would be hard to tell apart. The expressions and posture in different pieces are largely similar, so it's hard to see different moods throughout your gallery (which, if you're going for the same theme throughout, is not necessarily a bad thing!). In your work with two characters, they aren't doing much to interact beyond glances/looking at each other, so perhaps character interaction could be one as well although I think this goes back to the expressions and poses being similar.

The pieces that stand out the most to me are Estrellas and Flaming Eclipse. Estrellas stands out to me moreso than the other headshots right away because of the contrasts between the darker blues and the lighter oranges. The little stars then take me into the picture to meet the character. I love her hair and the weight and direction that you've given it, and I also love the little bird character perched on her shoulder. The whole piece gives off a nice sunset vibe and I'm really drawn in by the little bird's tufts and the girl's messy braids. Flaming Eclipse got my eye for much the same reason, I find that the character and background both are darker than the pieces around it and that combined with the warm, fiery colours really makes it capture my attention. I really like her warm glowy eyes and the sunny, fiery streaks that are coming in on the left side of the piece.

Overall, I really love the way that you colour your pieces and your characters are only getting better. Keep up the great work!
Anoixi Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the detailed comment! I can definately see the same-face syndrome and bland poses a lot more clearly now haha.
I'll experiment more with more interesting poses, expressions, and less saturated colors in the future for sure.
fawn-cat Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2017
I love your lighting and choice of colors in your art! *^* it looks great c:
Anoixi Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
awh thank you so much!! ;v; <3
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