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Scratched Film Brush Set

I've made a few of these before, but this set is much larger than the last. Sorry for the huge ass file.
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Thank you for the brush :)
I used it here [link]
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Thanx for a VALUABLE brush... here's what I made with it!!! [link]
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Thanks for sharing this :)
I used it here [link]
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I used your brush here: [link]
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Great brush set, this is going to come in really handy for some work I'm starting on.
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[link] Used it here! Thanks so much, I have many of your older brushes as well and I love them all!
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Yeah, this is a good brush. It was hard to find, but it's PERFECT for what I wanted to do. :)
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I don't get do i use the brushes? how do i download it?

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thanks. great work ^^
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used here: [link]


(hey, could there be a version without the "texture"/grain between the scratches and dust? JUST the scratches? :-) )
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Thanks for the brushes. I used them here [link]
It's a first attempt so forgive me if I didn't do it quite right.:)
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well, i clicked the link and I didn't get a real site or anything with rules on it.
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THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! Iv tried to find this everywhere and never could for some reason. Your an angel lol.
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thank u for sharing this
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Very nice brushes! I used one here. Thanks for sharing!
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I've used them here:


thank you. :)
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Beautiful brushes, I've used them here [link] Thank you ^_^
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tnx tnx tnx...ive been looking for this kind of brushes...tnxtnxtnx:D
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Used one of your brushes here:[link] Thanks for sharing!!!
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Thank u! used brushes here [link]

= )
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These brushes are my new best friend :D
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