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Paper Brush Set

Some torn paper type brushes. For photoshop 7.
let me know if you use them
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Thanks great😁😍🤩🤣

Thanks great😁😍🤩🤣

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wow, i've looked everywhere. finally i've found something. thanks for this. :)
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Just what I was looking for, thanks. :]
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Awesomly cool.
Remind me of the pieces of wall with writing on them I saw at Elise Island. Not sure why.
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Can't download them - page cannot be found.
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For some reason when I went to download these brushes, and your decay ones it came up with a new screen and said 'file not found.' Is there something I'm doing wrong??
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i downloaded these brushes to use them later. when i use them i'll let you know ;)
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i use some of your brushes here [link]
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;-) really nice...I use them
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I was looking through alot of your works and loved everything I saw, the only problem is I have 6.. Is there any chance that you have some brushes for 6, if not, is there any chance you may know someone who does brushes similar to yours for PS 6. Thanks for your time, great work!
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i have image packs for every brush set here on my site, if you want to get those, you can just make brushes out of them [link]
Very cool brush!

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whoops, accidentaly added this to my favs.. which was ofcourse not what I wanted to do due to this being a brushthing.. Yeah so lets try to download it now ;)
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damn you're talented!!!
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(snatches the brush set) yes! i love your brushes!
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