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Hoshidan garden by anocurry Hoshidan garden :iconanocurry:anocurry 357 25 Revel artbook preview by anocurry Revel artbook preview :iconanocurry:anocurry 121 0 Boey by anocurry Boey :iconanocurry:anocurry 323 27 An emotional companion by anocurry An emotional companion :iconanocurry:anocurry 512 55 25 years of Kirby by anocurry 25 years of Kirby :iconanocurry:anocurry 467 36 JUST A RANDOM CORN [+speedpaint] by anocurry JUST A RANDOM CORN [+speedpaint] :iconanocurry:anocurry 294 36 Merlin by anocurry Merlin :iconanocurry:anocurry 274 34 1000 words preview by anocurry 1000 words preview :iconanocurry:anocurry 98 0 Reunion by anocurry Reunion :iconanocurry:anocurry 386 41 Hunting by anocurry Hunting :iconanocurry:anocurry 574 61 Hoshido noble [+speedpaint] by anocurry Hoshido noble [+speedpaint] :iconanocurry:anocurry 550 35 Tomato Prince by anocurry Tomato Prince :iconanocurry:anocurry 231 30 Hiro's Hero by anocurry Hiro's Hero :iconanocurry:anocurry 290 32 Dragon fang by anocurry Dragon fang :iconanocurry:anocurry 691 67 Yoshi by anocurry Yoshi :iconanocurry:anocurry 899 88 Rewritten artbook preview by anocurry Rewritten artbook preview :iconanocurry:anocurry 100 0
Thank you for looking! :love: :iconarmstrongtighthugplz:

Currently really busy with uni so updates will be really slow~
(~;__; )~


What the heck happened with Pokemon Sun and Moon?
After the annoucement of Pokemon Sword and Shield (And Gun), it got me thinking. So here's the thing, I have finished EVERY single main Pokemon games... except for Pokemon Sun and Moon as well as the Ultras. I played it for maybe like 3 hours?... and got distracted by other games and never got back into it. I felt bad, I felt like I have let Pokemon down, I felt like a failure, I wanted to like Sun and Moon but the passion just wasn't there.. I just couldn't get into it compared with other games. So I kept it a secret because I felt shame, shame that I call myself a Pokemon fan. I then found out my friends hasn't finished Sun and Moon either.. and Im like WHAT? These are all friends of mine that loves Pokemon, Im talking about hardcore Pokemon fans. So I just want to know, what the heck happened? It wasn't a problem with previous games, what happened with Gen 7? Was it because they got rid of gym leaders? Was it too slow in the beginning? Was it too dif
:iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 43 157
Eve by lluluchwan Eve :iconlluluchwan:lluluchwan 522 9 baby's breath -flowers by lluluchwan baby's breath -flowers :iconlluluchwan:lluluchwan 692 19 ~ Happy Valentines ~ by Noxmoony ~ Happy Valentines ~ :iconnoxmoony:Noxmoony 132 14 Hourly Comics Day 2018 by PhuiJL Hourly Comics Day 2018 :iconphuijl:PhuiJL 98 6 Yu-Gi-Oh Reanimate Shot #10 (Click for animation) by PhuiJL Yu-Gi-Oh Reanimate Shot #10 (Click for animation) :iconphuijl:PhuiJL 85 8 Chinese New Year :: Revel Art book preview by EndlessRz Chinese New Year :: Revel Art book preview :iconendlessrz:EndlessRz 429 20
Brockoli Story Part 2
You didn't think there was gonna be a part 2 did you? Neither did I, this is exactly like the ending of IT. 
To check out Part 1 of the Brockoli Story click here:
OK so with the prequel in mind that left us with a cliffhanger ending, what happened was Eric Stuart was at London Comic Con the week after, same place I was at over the weekend, I knew he was there but I couldn't leave my store to get a signature or show him the Brockoli artwork, as many of you said... Im a failure as a human being for not showing him Brockoli when I had the chance to.. So comes Sunday the last day of convention, I slammed the table hard was like OK IM GONNA DO IT! bunneh icon14 I went to the Yugioh booth and bought myself a pretty playmat for them to sign. My friend Annabelle... oh sweet sweet Annabelle was gonna help with the store that day, she lives around an hour and a half train trip away from the c
:iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 66 22
Poke Walk Hoenn by Ry-Spirit Poke Walk Hoenn :iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 1,851 52 Saber by alchemaniac Saber :iconalchemaniac:alchemaniac 1,376 24 Commission - LavenderIced by Rosuuri Commission - LavenderIced :iconrosuuri:Rosuuri 3,585 82 sleepy gamer by Fenori sleepy gamer :iconfenori:Fenori 299 16 Memorieal - Sweet Dreams by ohprocrastinator Memorieal - Sweet Dreams :iconohprocrastinator:ohprocrastinator 1,646 103 HALLOWEEN 2017 by nnnnoooo007 HALLOWEEN 2017 :iconnnnnoooo007:nnnnoooo007 831 15 anjou 2018 commission by nnnnoooo007 anjou 2018 commission :iconnnnnoooo007:nnnnoooo007 1,038 20 Pretty boy from the new YGO movie by PhuiJL Pretty boy from the new YGO movie :iconphuijl:PhuiJL 79 4
Too beautiful for words :iconcryforeverplz:



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commission info

Hello! I'm Ano, nice to meet you!
I like to draw during my free time~
Don't be afraid to talk to me! ^^b

Current worklist (last updated: 16 Sep)
- HappyEndings-AB (?)
- FE compendium submission (done)
- Revel-AB
- personal / oc stuff
- cry over anime and games
- Other random things :iconryojidaisyplz:

BY PhuiJL AND fishykays :iconcryforeverplz::iconcryforeverplz::iconcryforeverplz:

Please do not thank me for the llama

Thank YOU for all the faves, comments and watches!!


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WhyIamaPotato Featured By Owner Edited Oct 18, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I saw your gallery because I was curious and I don't regret it AT ALL. You're definitely in my favorite artists, your drawings are awesome!

Also, I'm sorry if I scared you with the fave tornado 
DraketheOtaku Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Happy birthday!
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Happy birthday! :D :cake:
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Happy Birthday :cake: ^J^
ihadtopickaname Featured By Owner Edited Sep 20, 2018  Student Digital Artist
happy bday bro :heart: :D
i was your fan before i was even on any social media
still amazed that you found me xD
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