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The Wolf and The Dragon: Chapter 1
It would be a month or so before I saw the strange khajiit again. By that point, everyone in Whiterun had heard of the mysterious new hero, the supposed Dragonborn, but few seemed to know who he really was; in a country suddenly full of people loudly proclaiming their unique mastery of The Voice, the real Dovahkiin – if there even was a real Dovahkiin - was being remarkably quiet.
I was in my chamber in Jorrvaskr, deep in discussion with Skjor about Kodlak. Again.
“All this sneaking around,” I was saying. “We can’t keep it up forever…”
Skjor nodded. “I agree. We need to deliver a killing blow now; I say we rally the rest of The Circle tomorrow night, strike The Silverhand with all our forces and deal with the problem before Kodlak ever has to know.”
“No.” I shook my head firmly. “Farkas and Vilkas will never join us without Kodlak’s approval; we need to convince the old man first.” Besides,
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Mature content
The Wolf and The Dragon: Prologue :iconano170:Ano170 1 0
Sometimes I worry,
That I have no purpose.
I look around
At this big old world,
And I wonder where I fit.
If I fit.
I wonder where I'll go,
The moment I'm let loose.
What's the use in learning to fly,
If you can't even navigate your way out the nest?
I wonder what I'll do,
Who I'll meet and how I'll change.
I wonder if I'll change anything,
In this spinning cosmic chaos
That watches unblinking the little blips of life,
Flickering on and off with each turn of the wheel.
Sometimes I worry,
That I will drift forever.
That this sense of aimlessness will swallow me up;
And I'll drown
And never be remembered.
Then something good comes on the telly,
And I tell myself to stop being such a twit.
:iconano170:Ano170 2 6
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What you have:
[ ] You own over 10 bottles of nail polish
[x] You own a designer purse (But it's Bleach. I hardly think that counts as "girly").
[ ] You own perfume that cost over $60 (I've no idea how much my perfume costs...).
[ ] You had/have fake nails
[ ] You have more hair products and body products than you can use
[x] Your pet is a Chihuahua/Pomeranian/Yorkshire Terrier/Siamese/Shih Tzu/ mini anything (I have a pygmy hedgehog).
[ ] you have clothes/shoes/accessories for your pet
[ ] You have enough clothes to cover an entire refugee camp
[ ] you have enough pictures to create your own wallpaper
[ ] A pink comforter, carpeting, walls or sheets
Total So Far: 2

Do you:
[ ] Spend more time at the mall than you do at home/work
[x] Have had a hair color that is not natural (If by that they mean "have you dyed your hair?" then yes).
[x] Have "blonde moments" at least once a day
[x] Buy stuff because it's awesome and then never wear/use it
[x] Constantly keep your phone at your side
[x]  Dance around in your room when nobody else is home
[ ] Have a name for your car
[ ] Know what celebrity is dating who and who broke up this week
[ ] Refuse to go out in public without makeup
[ ] Prefer to be called "princess"
Total So Far: 7

Do you love:
[ ] Makeup
[ ] Glitter
[ ] The color Pink
[ ] Jewelry
[ ] Mirrors
[x] Chick flicks (I love lots of film genres, though).
[ ] Shoes
[ ] Rainbows
[x] Unicorns
[x] Disney Movies
[ ] Flowers
[x] Stuffed Animals
[ ] Purses
Total So Far: 11

Do you shop at:
[ ] Coach
[ ] Forever
[ ] Victoria's Secret
[ ] Guess
[ ] Claire's
[ ] Express
[ ] Delia's
[ ] Hollister
[ ] American Eagle
[ ] Abercrombie and Fitch
[ ] Aeropostale
Total So Far: 11 (I haven't even heard of all those shops before-I'm guessing they're american? And who still shops at Claire's?)

Do you say:
[x] Whatever
[ ] Oh my gosh/goodness (I say Oh My God)
[ ] Hun
[ ] Fugly
[ ] That's hot
[ ] Dunzo
[ ] Darling
[ ] Bff
[ ] Cutie
[ ] Hottie
[ ] Skank
[x] Totally (It sounds a lot less girly the way I say it though. I think anyway).
[ ] For Sure
[ ] Fabulous
Total So Far: 13

Do you read:
[ ] Cosmopolitan
[ ] Glamour
[ ] Marie Claire
[ ] Elle Girl
[ ] Teen Vogue
[ ] People
[ ] Us Weekly
[ ] Star
[ ] Self
[ ]
[ ]
[ ] Seventeen
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ] Pink Is The New
Total So Far: 13

Do you love these:
[ ] Legally Blonde
[ ] Elizabethtown
[x] Mean Girls (Like, oh my God, like, everyone at my school thinks Mean Girls is, just like, so fetch! Seriously though, there is never a wrong time to randomly quote Mean Girls).
[ ] Now & Then
[x] The Notebook (I'll be honest, I cried my heart out at this film).
[ ] A Walk to Remember
[ ] Sweet Home Alabama
[ ] Where the Heart is
[ ] Just my luck
[ ] John Tucker Must Die
[ ] Center stage
[ ] Bring it On
[ ] How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
[ ] Mona Lisa Smile
[ ] My Girl
[ ] Wedding Date
[x] 10 Things I Hate About You
Total So Far: 16

Do you really enjoy:
[ ] America's Next Top Model
[ ] Project Runway
[ ] Desperate Housewives
[ ] The Simple Life
[ ] 8th & Ocean
[ ] Sex & the City
[ ] Grey's Anatomy
[ ] The O.C.
[ ] The City
[ ] Nip/Tuck
[ ] Gilmore Girls
[ ] Degrassi
  • Listening to: Bleach OST3: Soundscape to Ardor
  • Reading: Inheritance
  • Drinking: water


annoymous :)
United Kingdom


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