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strip 1 of SubMerged Squirrel



Likely the first strip in a short webcomic series (I might need to give more background info in a prequil strip or two). This is a spi story - with the CIA, aliens, a squirrel, and a futuristic cold war.

notes: being transformed into a squirrel will make you sore. Unlike me, he does not know much about rodent identification. Because he notices how well endowed he is, I hope to convey that he is sexually mature as a human and and thus concerned with package size. He obviously has a problem with his dad getting stray cats trapped and knows he will call in a rush extermination job if any non-human shows up in the house. He must be close to graduation of some sort but this particular graduation must mean a lot to his mother so in the next strip, I will likely reveal what sort of degree he was going to get (hint hint - and I doubt he ever took biology if he can't tell a squirrel from a rat). The bird feeder is squirrel-proof but is it genius-proof? ...maybe...maybe not...
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