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Let me face my fears
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I have some microns and white gel pens coming in the ma...
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I need to learn 3D modeling/sculpting, my style would look dope in 3D
I'm hungry


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My keyblade sense has brought me here in search of keyblade weilders.

...By that I mean i noticed you did some kh inspired art and I figured you're a fan too
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luminANNceHobbyist Digital Artist
I‘d be lying if I said my art and my work in general wasn’t heavily inspired by Kingdom Hearts. I grew up playing those games and I had never been more excited in my life than the day Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced.

Mr. Nomura himself is a huge inspiration for me, his artwork is beautiful, and though the writing in KH has it’s flaws, I personally feel like he’s handled the fragmented direction the storytelling took relatively well. Considering how the pattern of games released was mostly sequel games followed up by a handful of out of order prequels leading up to KH3.
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I'd definitely say Kingdom Hearts has one of the craziest, insane stories i've ever seen and I love it, especially with the games. I ended up joining a community for kh but they ended up to not be really nice so it's soured my taste for certain games, though i am trying to get back and finishing bbs and ddd as well as finish kh3 before the dlc comes out.

I never grew up with kh, so i'm glad to be experiencing it first hand
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luminANNceHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, try not to take anything the KH fandom does or says very seriously or personally, trust me when I say that unless you're one of the KH content creators on youtube, the fandom will hate itself, you, and everyone else, it's really disjointed especially because half the fandom hates basically any other game in the series that isn't KH2 because they can't take their nostalgia glasses off.

As for the story, as I said, it has its flaws for sure, but I think Mr. Nomura knew a little bit of where he wanted his story to go in each game. I also think each original version of each game releasing on different consoles had something to do with the company's own choices and not necessarily his own. I think he also wrote and released games in the order that he did because he wasn't sure how each entry was going to do, all of which led to a seemingly sloppy execution of his story. I personally feel like this because when one plays all the games in chronological order and all on the same console, they make sense and fit together really well.
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It does indeed! I'd love to get to know you and talk more, Do you have a discord by any chance? I'd love to add you!
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Thanks for the Llama! I am a dummy!