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So I'm one of those people who take Halloween REALLY seriously, cause it's pretty much international cosplay day...

So yeah, any ideas on who I could be? I'd prefer a character with glasses (cause without them I'm as blind as a bat). I also have a purple, shoulder-length wig. I am allowed to order stuff online, and my mum can sew stuff, so I could work on my costume with her.

You all know what I look like, so any ideas on who I could be?

My Tops for now are:
-Light (apparently I look like him?? +1 cause I have a friend who might be L)
-Grell (a hard but really fun one...)
-Turkey (I've got a fitting coat, boots, pants and scarf, all I need is a scarf! +1 Cause I'm a Turk :D)
-Britain (got coat thing, pants and boots for him too... I just need a wig! +1 Cause caterpillar brows!)

(Is it weird that all characters I want to cosplay are male? Except for Grell, I guess... I believe she's a transgender female (meaning she was born male but is female)

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Submitted on
April 29, 2014