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The Twelve Shadows by AnnoyerOfDoitsu The Twelve Shadows by AnnoyerOfDoitsu

UPDATE: I coloured them! Except it's still sketchy...

From left to right, top to bottom, the characters are:

1. Dusk: he’s arrogant and an asshole c: (I hope people don’t get offended by the fact that he’s saying ‘homosexual’ in an offensive manner: it is supposed to mirror how some teens use the word ‘gay’ and ‘lame’ or ‘stupid’. I had to use a different word, as ‘gay’ meant ‘happy’ for a pretty long time… (Side note: Artist is not homophobic, character is!))

2. Scar (such creative name, right?! Blame my friend…): we don’t really have a personality or backstory or anything for him yet

3. Shade: Again, no backstory. His eyes were originally creepier.

4. Split: Another character without a backstory so far…

5. Toile: Finally, a backstory! As I drew him, my friend and I started to compare him to Sebastian (from Kuroshitsuji). He’s not a demon, he’s a murderer… Also, his personality is a bit, but not much, less relaxed.

6. Damage: Ugh, Damage. No backstory.

7. Bloodshed: He doesn’t exactly look like a bloodshed, does he? That’s cause he uses his good looks to lure people, and then he kills them in the most violent way possible!!

8. Delete: He’s a procrastinator. ProcrastinEIGHT, geddit?! *bad pun is bad*

9. Thread: Again, not much about him, but he probably has a friend called Needle.

10. Edit: He’s a pyscho. Like, those extremely cheerful, murderous ones. He has this hatchet with a ring at the bottom, a bit too big for his finger, and he swings it around and releases it onto unsuspecting victims.

11. Negative: A dude who pretty much hates everyone in the world, but has a soft side for children. He’s sarcastic, pessimistic, the whole pack. If tumblr were a person, the person would be negative. For the first half of his story, he’s a Nazi. He was given the task of killing all the Jews in a certain area. In one of the houses in the area, he finds a little girl, after killing her parents. Having a soft side for children, he decides to pretty much adopt the girl. Except the girl hates him (for killing her parents, and also, she’s Jewish and he’s a Nazi). The story also features a crap spy from England, and a short tempered female nazi.

12. Redo: Ah yes, Redo. Do I really have to explain??

My favourites are Toile, Bloodshed, Edit, Negative, Redo and Delete. My least favourite is Damage.

I didn’t time myself while doodling, but I’d say it took anywhere between 2-5 hours.

So, what do you guys think? Who are your favourites and least favourites? Please let me know, I’d love some feedback!! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

TheStoryHunter Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Student General Artist
I guess my favorite will be... 1. Redo! 'coz I've read the story so far :D 2. Procrastinator and 3. Damage. The reason is simply because of their look, lol
AnnoyerOfDoitsu Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
TheStoryHunter Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Student General Artist
Good job on the coloring ^^b
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