The Murderer's Daughter Chapter 5: Rialto

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Published: June 2, 2014
"Where are we going first?" I asked Blank as we entered the town. There weren't that many citizens around, so we seemed to be safe.

"Rialto. I wanna pick up some more paint." He said, pointing towards the north.

I skipped a few steps ahead, and realised that I still didn't know where we were going. "What's a rialto?"

"It's this place where you give people these shiny, round objects and they give you stuff in return. It's hard to explain. C'mon, you'll understand when we get there."

We walked some more, and as we did, more people started to appear. There were all kinds of creatures, some I'd never seen before. They came in all different colours: from blood red to chainsaw silver.

As we walked, Blank names every person we saw. "Sketch, Canis, That one girl from last month..."

"Whoa, what are those?!" I pointed at two creatures, which were standing on two legs instead of four, and didn't have fur, except on top of their heads. One of them had golden hair, while the other seemed to cover the top of her head with cloth. Or maybe that was her hair. I couldn't tell.

"Those two... Uh, I don't know their names."

"You seem to know everyone else's name, why don't you know theirs?"

"Because their two-legged-ness and furless-ness creeps me out. C'mon, the stand's right here."

We walked to a stand with a banner that read "COLOURFUL STUFF" in big, rainbow letters. The cat attending the stand was dark grey with rainbow tips. Again, someone's OC, but how was it possible to use this many colours on a cat?

Blank leaned against the stand and pulled an expression that could only be describes as a 'smoulder'... I'm not even sure where I heard that word before.

"Sup, Paint?" He asked, "Sky Blue with Lemon Yellow, Cherry Red and Royal Purple."

"Got it." Paint replied, "Who's this here?"

"A friend."

Paint smiled and patted my head. "Hi."

I couldn't reply, as nobody had greeted me nicely before. So I just stood there, and felt my mouth make an awkward move; it seemed to curve up.

Paint left, and returned five minutes later with three bottles of paint. "Here you go, that's 40 Occian Dollars."

"40?! Damn, you guys are over-priced as hell."

Paint shrugged. "So, do you want it or no...?"

Blank pulled out 40 in coins. "Of course I do..."

So I helped him carry the cans to the centre of the marketplace, so we could decide where to go next.
"Well, since I got my paint, let's just go back. Hopefully that's fine with you."

"It's okay." I said, but in reality, I wanted to stay in the busy streets of the crowded marketplace.

So Blank led me back through the town, to the border of the forest, through the tunnel, and back to the house. When we returned, there was a lot of shouting coming from the empty room I used to send time in. Blank and I opened the door really slowly, so the occupiers wouldn't see us.

The horror I felt that day, I can't even describe it, as it pains me to this day. Because right there, on the ground, Dad. He was still alive, but his left cheek had a gash, oozing out mostly red blood. A few more people, whom I hadn't seen before. A wolf a little taller than Dad, with grey fur and blackish hair slicked back with gel. Next to him, two huge guards with really big butts.

"I'm sorry." Dad whimpered; this was the first time I'd seen him this weak and vulnerable, "I'll get it to you by tomorrow."
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Yeah, I'm finally done being a lazy asshole. Here's chapter 5, my friends! 

The guards with big butts thing... Again, an inside joke from the rp, when BlueInkWolf's autocorrect corrected 'big bodyguards' to 'big bootyguards'. So yeah XD
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Well. I LOVE this story! Finally something to get Redo shaken up. Albeit this isn't what I was hoping for. I wonder what it is that the big bootyguards want XD
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AnnoyerOfDoitsuHobbyist General Artist
I'd say Redo's actually the most developed out of the three, but his backstory bits don't start till the second part/novel/story/thing, so he's stuck as a flat-ish character for a while

ah, what were you hoping for? I love listening to alternate versions of pretty much anything!! 
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IDK like one of his creations saying or doing something to shake him. Or awaken his tender side by some accident or whatnot
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AnnoyerOfDoitsuHobbyist General Artist
...Are you psychic?! (My friend and I started writing at like February, right now we're like three books/novels/stories/things in, and *in the less spoilery way possible* the things you've just mentioned have happened)
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The last time I checked, no lol. Lucky guess? Can't wait to read THEM ALL.
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TheStoryHunterStudent General Artist
Oh-oh-oh it's here! Thank you so much, you sync my OCs well with your story!
Lol 'big bootyguards' XD.
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AnnoyerOfDoitsuHobbyist General Artist
:D I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter, hopefully I don't procrastinate on the next chapter c:
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TheStoryHunterStudent General Artist
I'm enjoys all the chapters ^^b
Go for it~ Cheerleader - Emote 
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AnnoyerOfDoitsuHobbyist General Artist
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