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~The thoughts of the Eldar are strange to Men.
Haleth is, hands down, the most badass Tolkien lady ever. This drawing of her is a total disappointment, but it took me quite some time to finish so I'm posting it anyway. The armor is taken from here:…
I hope you guys like it more than I do :p :p
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good job on the color and details  :)
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Amazing! She looks very pretty. :love: :D Were you going for a more masculine look? ;)
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Thank you!! :D Well not so much. I wanted her to look badass without understating her femininity.
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Then you've accomplished it. ;)
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Are those woad tatoos she's got on her face?
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This is really good, I love your vision of Haleth. She is badass and yet beautiful. Well done! :thumbsup:
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Love her design and especially the way you drew her armour! The choice of weapons is really cool, too. I think her face is very feminine and she still looks like you don't want to mess with her!
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Well that's everything I was hoping to hear for this drawing!! Thank you! :D
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Just perfect. I like these details: colours, weapons and landscape. *-*
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I really like this!

Great job!
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Thanks a lot!! :)
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You're welcome!! :)
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I like her war paint.
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Very cool :) I love warrior-women
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