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Lei'ursathdd Ka'vanth by Annortha Lei'ursathdd Ka'vanth by Annortha
Don't ask me what the heck the title means. It's some doll I made for an old Gaia contest.

Here is the description the contest provided:

Despite the everpresant cane at her side, the elfwoman carries herself
with a resilient, vertical dignity that seems more a by-product of noble
ancestry than any kind of conscious effort. Swathed in airy layers of black
silk, the tenebrous, veiled figure before you seems to float as she moves.
Radiant white hair traces the contours of her back, stopping a few inches
above her waist, descending from the dark unkonwn that a black veil
provides, and smelling of spice and roses when she draws near. Misty silk
covers the delicate and eternally youthful features of her face, a
transparant veil of inky black held onto her head by a whisper thin circlet.
Hers is a waifish beauty. The beauty of a weak woman half-starved for
strength. Visible through the veil are eyes that show this, glowing like
clean silver coins in strong light. Her hair is cut shortly across them,
bangs covering her forehead. Also seen are her lips, the top sharp and
angled, the bottom full and lush, the pink of coral set into a firm line. A
platinum holy symbol hangs from a chain about her neck, nestling into the
airy fabric of her robes, while she stands with an iron determination.
Platinum jewelry adorns her wrists and fingers, an obvious and intentional
display of wealth and power. A jeweled insignia ring is larger than the
others; a platinum spider embedded with an amethyst and house crest. The
metal figure of the spider encircles her finger and appears to be biting
into the skin.

Base (c) Pinkland
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November 11, 2005
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