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I Love Lava Lamps- Stamp


Just recently I bought a new Lava Lamp.. I got it for a good deal too. The one I made in this stamp looks exactly like mine :D

I thought I would try my hand at making an animated stamp. Like it? xD

Show your support for lava lamps and add this stamp!

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I don't want to own one because I might accidentally break it. 
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I'm thinking about buying a lava lamp. But what mostly bothers is can you replace the burned bulb? I saw something like this in my schoolmate's house several ago, but it's too expensive. The price goes up to ten Euros or so.

Kombayn's avatar
Oh, yes, lava lamps. I learnt about them when playing Postal 2, and soon purchased a lamp just like in that game, with blue wax.
Natebross's avatar
I lava lata lava lamps
manders123's avatar
Lava lamps rock!
SabledVolpe's avatar
I don't have lava lamp :sad: 
chris-Hurst's avatar
Don't you mean I lava lava lamps?

I need to stop
puffer15's avatar
I love a lotta lava lamps
Rosabird5673's avatar
I have a lava lamp too in my room :D It's color red and I can't sleep without it ;p
CatSheepFluff's avatar
I like lava lamps too, but mine is just a crystal one with lights inside of it because my mom worries that a real one would burn me. :XD:
pimpaladettesdude's avatar
i like them too i remember i used to have one from billybobs arcade and skate rink in georgia it was a space ship too i don't have the lava lamp anymore ;n; it'd be cool if i found a new one though 
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I'd like to use this stamp :meow: :heart:
Annortha's avatar
Feel free to! Just make sure to favorite it if you do :)
rockstarcrossing's avatar
They're so pretty and fun to watch. <3
Akemi187's avatar
Oh yes!! May I use this stamp for my journal?
XxLunaTheKittyxX's avatar
The lava lamp in this stamp looks exactly like mine. :D
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