Annietober 2020

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Fall is here once again, and with it comes our annual traditional art event for the month of October, this time renamed to Annietober!


Start Time: October 1st | End Time: October 31st CET

(from start of the day to end of the day)

Pumpkins Pumpkins Pumpkins

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White days 2020 3|1


♥ This year, the entry requirement to win will be 15 entries instead of 31!

♥ To participate, you MUST put all of your submissions in an individual folder. Your folder must be linked in the comments of this journal!!

♥ Please submit your pieces to the group under "Events --> Annietober2020".

♥ Each picture for the event must include at least one official Annie. Annie Designs.

♥ You do not need to own an Annie yourself to participate, and you are free to draw Annies owned by others!

♥ If you upload to Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr please Hashtag with #Annietober2020 so we can all take a look at your pieces!

♥While using our prompts is encouraged, it is not required, and will not affect your participation or chance of winning!

♥The minimum requirement to win is completing all 15 entries! If more than one person completes all 15 entries, then they will be judged on the basis of creativity and effort! Judging will not be based on skill.

♥ Both digital and traditional are allowed. (Bonus points for traditional!)

♥ Sketches are allowed as well, but will be minus points for effort.

♥ Submissions from previous events will not count.

♥ You must include the thumbnails/links to the Annie(s) you draw so the Annie(s) you drew can be recognized.

[Emote] Jack-'o-Lantern Heart Eyes


For each submission to the event, you can earn AP! Learn more about AP here.

Only one submission per day will count!


While each judge has their own criteria and preferences, we will judge based on overall effort gone into the pieces.Consideration of the characters' story and including interaction between Annies are important factors!

Quality over quantity. ♥


♦ It is up to the prize donors to contact the winners

♦There will be a penalty if you do not finish your donation within a year*

♦Comment below if you wish to donate a prize*

15 Drawings

15 pieces done at your own pace over the span of the month! If you choose to do more than 15 entries, please note that only 15 will be counted. Extra pieces will not provide a higher chance of winning.

Pumpkins Pumpkins Pumpkins

Hallowannie 2019 | Day 5|2

1st Place:

  • 4000 AP

  • SR -> Mythical upgrade [needs to be collabed with or drawn by Yamio]

  • 1 SR MYO

  • 2 UC MYO

  • 3 C MYO

  • Coloured headshot sketch by Shiirohana

2nd Place:

  • 2000 AP

  • UC -> SR Upgrade

  • 2 UC MYO

  • 3 C MYO

3rd Place:

  • 1000 AP

  • C -> UC Upgrade

  • 3 C MYO

Honourable Mentions

  • 300 AP


  • 1: Campfire

  • 2: Coffee

  • 3: Sweater weather

  • 4: Hayride

  • 5: Witch

  • 6: Pumpkin pie

  • 7: Poison

  • 8: Rainy day

  • 9: Family

  • 10: Full moon

  • 11: Candles

  • 12: Harvest

  • 13: Spirits

  • 14: Forest

  • 15: Sunset

  • 16: Books

  • 17: Mushrooms

  • 18: Spells

  • 19: Crystals

  • 20: Fireflies

  • 21: Tarot cards

  • 22: Yukata

  • 23: Friendship

  • 24: Jewelry

  • 25: Stars

  • 26: Gothic Fashion

  • 27: Smoke

  • 28: Honey

  • 29: Owl

  • 30: Autumn leaves

  • 31. Pie