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Thank you all for joining us during Constellannie 2020! Let us welcome our next event, Adorannie

Start Time: September 26th | End Time: September 30th

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♥ By buying an Annie, you are agreeing to our T.O.S

♥ Serious buyers only; if you retract your claim, you will be banned from purchasing Annies again.

♥ An invoice will be sent to you by the artist(s) in question.

♥ You must be able to pay within 24 hours after you have claimed an Annie.

♥ Payment plans may be discussed. FTO (First Time Owners) can only have one plan at a time. While Annie owners may have two plans at a time. Payment plans can be made up to 3 months maximum.

*There will be no snipe guards in place. *

Auction Based

♦ Each Annie has a base price & will be released each day at 11pm CEST (Countdown clock will be embedded on our page)

♦ The auction for each Annie will be held on their individual deviation!

♦ PAYPAL ONLY (Payment plans will be applicable)

F2U Pixel plants

Bidding Values

Common: SB: $180 | AB: $400 

Uncommon: SB: $220 | AB: $520 

Super Rare: SB: $350 | AB: $750

Auction Times

Auction ends 24 hours after the most recent bid if there is no AB present. * There is no snipe guard, it will end 24 hours after the last comment has been made; It will be reset to 24 hours again if a new comment is made *


@Oma-Chi @27yuyannn @antay6oo9 

@Metanyu @Squishibear @penguinkissus 

@Shi-Gure @fawnbun @bitter--coffee

Adorannie calendar 2020


Day 1



Day 2



Day 3



Day 4



Day 5

Super Rare:

Super Rare:

We hope you will all enjoy Adorannie! 

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