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Originally, the ancestors of Yuyama’s current residents discovered a whale-like creature many aeons ago. The whale had an unusual appearance. It was the size of three houses along with having luminescent spots, plants, and crystals growing on its back. The members of the tribe considered it to be the whale that had been spoken about in scriptures, myths and legends, thus pledging to protect it with their lives. The whale, unbeknownst to the tribe of Annies had traveled from the equator. How it ended up so far from its place of birth, no one is sure. However, once the Annies realized the whale’s purifying nature from the plants that grew from the water around it, they decided to name it He Ma meaning “pure one”.

An executive decision was made to move their entire tribe to the area where they found the whale thriving. Several generations had passed, with the tribe peacefully protecting this ‘deity’, until a group of humans disabled the guard and captured He Ma. The humans themselves had, over a period of a year, poisoned the water which significantly weakened the whale and it’s abilities, as well as the Annies that protected it. Recovering slowly from the poison, a search party from the tribe was sent out three weeks after the incident occurred. They spent months tracking the humans down until they discovered the whale itself in a recently abandoned building near a human town.

The whale had been greatly harmed, so that the humans could take samples of it for research purposes. It was in a great deal of pain, but the Annies managed to heal it, just enough, with magic, until it was able to move again. With some its strength restored, the whale was able to move itself into the river nearby. However, it refused to leave the Annies that had saved it. In an attempt to convey what it wanted, the whale motioned with its fins for them to climb upon its back. Once all of the Annies had climbed onto the whale’s large back, it began a long journey across the ocean and away from the human town. It finally settled down in an enormous cave that looked as if it had been exploded from the inside, the Annies’ entire tribe migrating to join them.

As He Ma was still suffering from the high amounts of poison it had been subjected to, and struggled greatly with using it’s magic in the new settlement. In desperation, the tribe sent out requests to towns that had Nilrisa to come and help their deity. Hearing the plea from the tribe, Nilrisa from towns far and wide traveled to the town and eventually managed to cleanse the whale from it’s poison. The waters within the cave that were naturally luminescent blue and purple due to the crystals that had formed on the river bed, flourished, their colours becoming more pronounced as the crystals began to glow contently. Happy that their deity was healthy once again, the tribe continued to build a town on their traditions, deciding to stick with what they knew in order to prevent any threats that may cause harm to the whale. This town would become the secluded town known as Yuyama.

In current times, the town still remains highly traditional, specifically with religion and worshiping their deity. The high distrust of humans has not faded with age, the only difference being that the Annies within Yuyama have learned more about the magic they can wield and how it can be used.

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