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How it Works

You are NOT allowed to look at the masterlists or use the references channel in Discord; as well as any other source that would give you the answers.
Each month, there will be a different category that you can be tested on! You will have 10 seconds to write out each answer before you can no longer gain points for the particular silhouette. When the time is up, the next silhouette will be posted and any answers for the previous one will not count. 

We are trusting you.

    ♥ This is a 1-on-2 game, with 1 guesser and 2 game hosts.

    ♥ You will get tested on 10 Annies a month.

    ♥ And for each month, you can earn a max of 300 AP!


♥ Those who cannot type fast enough can feel free to hop into a voice chat with the current game hosts. However, the hosts will have to note down your answers, so this will be a slower process! And once they say “stop”, you are no longer allowed to give answers for that silhouette.

♥  For blessing & town names, you are allowed a couple of spelling mistakes as long as the meaning is obvious. Both the scientific and non-scientific blessing names will be accepted as answers.

♥  For this game, the AP you gain will not count as “entering an event” and will be added to your monthly total by the Bank Managers. Also, points will not be doubled for Patreon/Twitch subs.

♥  If we find out that you are cheating, then you will be barred from gaining AP for the month.

1 point = 1 AP
The AP you can earn may change as the game plays out. For example, if people are earning less than anticipated, then we will raise the AP reward, etc.

The Categories

   Blessing Names
For blessing name, both the scientific & ‘ordinary’ names are acceptable. However, you must get all the blessings correct in order to get the full 30 points. If there are several blessings and you get half/the majority correct, you will instead get 15 points.

Here, you'll need to guess the event that the Annie appeared in! You can get the full 30 points if you get the correct year & event. If you get only one correct then you get 15 points. If the Annie does not belong to an event and is a MYO, then “MYO” is the correct answer and you earn 30 points. ”No event” is also a correct answer if they do not belong to one.

Pretty self explanatory. 30 points for a correct answer.

   Given Name
For names! Nicknames are not accepted as this can get confusing. Again, you will be rewarded 30 points for the correct answer. If there is no record for their name in the “revision” links, then “N/A or Unknown” is acceptable.

The town the Annie lives in. It can be the current town or the town they were born in; both answers will get you 30 points. If the Annie travels, then “travels” is the correct answer in this case. If there is no record for their residence in the “revision” links I will post on a later page, then “N/A or Unknown” is acceptable.

Guess the Guest Designer(s)! In the case of MYOs, the correct answer would be the artist who drew the reference on the masterlist and those who worked on the design! If you get half/the majority right, you will get 15 points.


°˖✧ This month's category is blessing names!! ✧˖°

How Can I Join?

If there are two game-hosts online, they will leave a message in general which will be bolded and made to stand out that the game is ready to play if anyone would like to play it. We would like to have this game open 24/7, but it's not possible to have two staff members available at all times. Sorry in advance! ♡

You can then direct message or tag one of the game-hosts in Discord. A host will reply, giving you a role that allows you to access the game chat. We won't begin until you type “ready”. Once you do, we'll start and send the first silhouette. 

One game-host will be in charge of giving out the silhouettes, the other will be in charge of time and saying stop after each 10 seconds are up.

At the end of the game, the mods who are hosting will calculate how much AP you've earned, tell you, and then write it down onto a separate document.

Track your totals here.

The AP Bank managers will enter your earnings when they process the rest of the monthly AP so you can chose to take the other categories before the 25th of each month.
What is AP?

Want to Study?

Annie Information
Test yourself on the silhouettes!

This is a game that can only be played within our Discord server!
If you'd like to play, feel free to join our server by clicking the image below:

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