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Means “to injure” in German.


Verletzen gets its rather dark name from the group of Annie refugees from the meteor disaster, who founded it. Having lost everything to a natural disaster, the Annies had nowhere to return.  By chance, the refugees found prosperity in crystal trade after discovering vast quantities of crystals in the area where they settled. Eventually, the town got greedy. Residents started to over-mine the territory for the resource, causing permanent damage to the environment. What would have been small crime gangs, gained traction, influence, and power. The entire city became a powder keg as the government started to shift. Finally, the city’s unlawful activity came to a head when the governing Annie gave birth to a human child.

What little respect there was for the government was lost. It fell, and a puppet ruler was put in their place by the largest mafia group (though only a few knew of its influence, never mind its actual name). Further mining for crystals was banned immediately; therefore, the citizens had to turn to less legitimate means of acquiring capital. Gangs that had previously lurked in the shadows began to gain more confidence. Fights between several of these groups erupted daily. The police's corruption was revealed to have no bounds as they failed to even attempt to quell the growing chaos. The town fell to the under-the-table tactics of the various syndicates in the area, and the people lived lives of fear and felony. However, the town took a turn for the better after a man named Caspian moved in and took it upon himself to “fix” the town. With the assistance of his team, and the massive funds from his family’s large trading guild, he takes care of the crimes the government will not, and the influence of the mafia on the region has begun to wane. The town is now recovering, but it is still a hotbed for crimes hidden beneath the shadows.

♣Temp & Climate♣

Mild climate year-round with a consistent average yearly temperature of 22°C. Storms and fog are common.

♣Flora & Fauna♣

Most local plant species died in the warring, but “urban trees” that can survive harsh environments are being brought in to benefit the city. By the same token, the fauna mostly consists of scavenger species, like rats and various types of insects.  Other animals, like squirrels and pigeons, are starting to make their way back into the city with time. A large number of crows have been turning up, though they are not of as much concern as the occasional snake that has  appeared.


Near Songbell (no further than 3 days by carriage), bordering a massive river.

♣Special Occasions♣

Unfortunately, as a result of the town falling into disarray, there are no regular festivals to speak of.
Infrequent gatherings do occur at times, but what, when, and where are often hard to predict.

♣Architecture & Building of Interest♣

Semi-rundown Victorian-style buildings. Some are in ruins, bearing signs of a battle.

Caspian’s Mansion - One of the newest and more well-developed buildings in the area, a massive home with an even more massive land area. The grounds contain scattered, carefully-placed traps of both magical and mechanical natures placed by Caspian and Layla, respectively. Only they know where all of them are, so straying away from specified paths can be very dangerous for the untrained and uninformed.

Special Month Raceway - A horse-racing track. Many in the town love to come by and watch the races in progress. Various types of races occur there, ranging from your standard horse races, to races done by tugging heavy loads, to even a (rather infrequent) chariot race. It has a rather popular betting scene.

The Plantations - A cluster of farms specializing in production of crops for the entire town, mostly of wheat. Some seem to be suspiciously productive....

The Casino - This building is not as grande as you would perhaps imagine. The Casino is rather modest for an establishment. But compared to the backdrop of the rest of the town, one may call it luxurious. The Casino is often targeted by gangs, as the huge amounts of money flowing through the establishment is more than enough to lure in those that hide under the shadows. However, getting in is  no easy feat, as the detective group frequents the place in the hopes of catching said criminals. If you want to steal from here, be warned that it is not a task for mere beginners.

Port/Docks - Despite the town’s reputation, they still have a place for boats to deliver merchandise (and the occasional stowaway). However, they do not have a place for airships to dock. The port is an extremely dangerous place at night, as this is when the mafia usually takes in shipments of magical items (weapons mostly), and they do not do so unguarded.

Walpurgisnacht Woods - A forest just outside of Verletzen known for its eerie silence. They say that there's an abandoned mansion within it but none seem able to definitely locate it. Oddly enough it seems populated by an increased number of snakes and crows in recent times.

♣Government & Laws♣

The government has a presiding mayor and pseudo-parliament. But there is an open secret that the gangs of the area are basically the ones in control, even though Caspian is working hard to gradually push them all out.

♣Trade & Specialties♣

Polo Transport Company - Central office for major transport network. They go by land and sea across the continent.
There are a ton of mercenaries that you can find here if you look in the right places.
Various crops, farmed in large areas (by Annie standards) just outside the city.
Some are basically enterprises in their own right.
Large black market, scattered in patches throughout the city.
Casino and nightlife.
Misc goods.
No more crystals; they’ve learned their lesson by now.


More Annies than humans by about 90%. The official population count is around 2,500.
However, who knows how many lurk under the radar?

♣Annie Residents♣

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