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Valenoir is a secluded traditional village in the depths of a wisteria, jacaranda, purple ghost (j)apanese maple, and bamboo forest where Annies live in comfort and peace. This village is sought out by Annies in general due to the calming scent of lavender that drifts through the air as well as the array of flowers that can be found around the village. It is often visited by touring Annies due to the healing properties of the village.

Valenoir was first founded by Xíxí (pronounced Z Z) when she was seeking a quiet place in order to train in peace. After wandering for days, she found a large area enclosed by huge trees. Although there were no lavender flowers in sight, the gentle scent still drifted through the air. This area, which is now Valenoir, had magical calming effects and the glowing flowers that surrounded the area at night were a wonderful sight to see. Xíxí soon found a large mysterious rainbow crystal in the center of the forest where she sensed a large amount of magical energy. By meditating near it whilst surrounded by such a calming view, she was able to clear her mind and finally manifest her large wings.

In present times, Annies visit this town for several reason. The calming atmosphere is an excellent place for training in magics and attracts many young Annies who wish to master their blessings, while others come for the breathtaking scenery. Humans, unlike Annies, are rarely able to find Valenoir, but they are welcomed if they do happen to pass by, as long as they do not disturb the nature.

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40°F (4°C) minimum
110°F (43°C) maximum

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There are various types of glowing flowers, as well as many huge trees that surround the area, making it difficult to find.

Many diverse animals live here in peace and harmony, such as deer, fawns, bears, hummingbirds, bees, birds, butterflies, and more.

Some of the plants here include various fruit trees and vines, such as berries, apples, exotic fruits, etc. Many vegetables can also be found growing wild nearby

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More South Eastern, where denser forests would be located

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Arcobaleno Falls

During certain times of the year, special algae travel through the streams and rivers that flow in and out of Valenoir (Seven Falls). These algae create seven unique hues of glowing colored water that is mainly visible at night. As the algae flow down the streams and rivers at night, Annies will put a scented candle in a lotus and watch as they gently flow up & down the streams of water.

Dance of the Wings

To celebrate the anniversary of Xixi finding the power to summon her wings, this day is a huge garden party where many winged and fruit blessed Annies gather around to show off and dance to music.

Anthro Week

Throughout the year, the Rainbow Crystal in the center of Valenoir gathers a large amount of magical energy. During this week, that energy is released and absorbed by Annies, enhancing their magical abilities and allowing them to safely transform into their feral form for the week.

While becoming feral can be quite dangerous normally without sufficient magic and abilities, the increased magic in the air allows them to safely control their anthro form when they undergo training to burn off the excess energy. They celebrate this time of year to become more attuned to their blessing and celebrate by dancing around the Crystal, decorating it with leaves and flowers.

Architecture & Buildings of Interest

Traditional Japanese & Chinese-styled homes are scattered throughout Valenoir.
Homes are woven from bark, leaves and flowers or hollowed-out trees.
Occasionally, tree top houses are artificially made.

Xixi's Water-garden Pavilion

Located near Seven Falls and has a large amount of fresh water constantly flowing through. Because of Xixi's large wings, she gets tired easily and loves to rest on top of the huge lotus found here while she watches over Valenoir.

Lidia's Perfume Shop

Located high above the ground in a hollowed out Wisteria Tree. As she rarely leaves her house, she's always open for business with many different kinds of scents to attract many types of creatures.

Chantal's Emissary

As an expert on all species mating, Chantal helps lost lovers find romance. Since there are some visiting Annies, Humans, and Species passing throughout the year, she's never out of business.

Felicity & Irene's Love Cafe

A two-story cafe located in a hollowed out Franklin tree. The upper floor belongs to Irene, where she observes customers and makes decadent raspberry treats. Felicity's portion is at the bottom, where she socializes with customers and makes rich chocolate desserts.

Iyres Travyteach

As some Annies and humans are unable to travel to and from Valenoir, Iryes goes around and about traveling to different towns and spreading the knowledge of Valenoir as well as gaining new insight of the cultures surrounding each town she visits.

Rhea’s Tranquil Place

She is the breeder, trainer, and watches over the guardians of Valenoir (butterflies and fireflies). She is the secret protector of the land.

Rainbow Crystal

Located at the center of Valenoir.

Healing Springs

Natural Hot Springs found near Seven Falls. Here Annies can bathe and take in the healing properties that the multiple springs here have to offer, either for resting or training.

Meditation Skylor

A small area above the Rainbow Crystal where those able to fly can mediate and absorb magical energy in a higher concentration.

Government & Laws

Xíxí is the leader, as she founded the town.
This town is a peaceful and calm place. There are very few restrictions.

The main rules are:
1) No significantly harming nature or doing anything
that causes the balance of nature to be harmed as a result.

2) No usage of excessive resources (take more than needed).

Xíxí cares very much for Valenoir and personally handles
all punishment to uphold the wildlife, scenery, and magic of the town.

The town also has butterfly and firefly guardians who flutter around the town and patrol the area; the butterflies during the day and fireflies during the night. Although their main objective is to make sure nobody is misbehaving or breaking the rules, they are very kind and guide travelers around the town.

Trade & Specialties

Scented Products - Such as Candles, Perfumes, and more.

Healing/Relaxing Products - Such as instant Hot Spring packets, good for healing,

Exporting - Fruits, Vegetables, and more


Around 500 people, there are more Annies living here than humans as Valenoir is a difficult place to find in the first place

Annie Residents

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