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Welcome to the Traits Upgrade Shop!
Sometimes your Annie has the chance of gaining a new look!
Whether it be a new blessing or some sparkly new eyes, we have it here~
Come on down to see what we have to offer ♥

How does it work?

Step 1
Obtain a traits upgrade ticket. (Tickets are always available!)

Step 2
Sketch the upgraded traits for the Annie you want to upgrade.
Do note that while a finished piece is not required, some basic artistic skill is still required. The sketch must be colored and the design must be clear enough that we can clearly see all the Annie's features.

Step 3
Submit the sketch to Yamio on Discord for approval. Revise it as needed.
She is not obligated to accept a design just because you possess an upgrade!

Step 4
After Yamio confirms the design, produce a finished reference.
This step requires much more artistic skill and will be held to certain standards. You may need to commission someone for this step.
(Do note that a sketch or commission is not included with the rarity upgrade, and Yamio is not obligated to accept a design just because you
took the time to draw it or paid someone to do it!)

Once Yamio is satisfied with the final design and gives you the okay,
comment on the masterlist with a link to the uploaded Annie reference,
and mods will update the list with the new Annie design(s) and blessing(s).

Terms of Service

Traits Upgrade

Add Another Blessing
500 AP | $50

Add Shaped/Glowing Pupils
250 AP | $25

1. You may choose to add a blessing, change the eye pupil or both.

2. You may only change the traits you chose above if the current rarity allows it.
Arrow Bullet by cNhiansae (Please refer to the Annies Species Sheet for more information)

3. In order to claim a Traits Upgrade ticket, you MUST comment on this journal.

4. When finished, the new design MUST be sent to Yamio in Discord DMs for approval.

5. Your upgrade ticket will expire in one year, just like a MYO slot.

6. You may use $USD | AP | $USD + AP as payment.

Traits Upgrade Log

Upgrade Type
Taken By

1. Additional Blessing
2. Additional Blessing
AP (Paid)
AP (Paid)

* Approved designs will be removed from the log! *

Traits Upgrade Form

* Please use this form when buying a ticket so it's neat and tidy! *

Trait Upgrade: (Add a Blessing / Change the Eyes / Both)
Upgrade to: (New Blessing Name / New Eye Shape etc.)
Annie Reference Link: (thumbnails are allowed)
Payment: (AP / $ / AP + $)

* Please use the Bold formatting so it's easier to read! *

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Trait Upgrade: Add a Blessing 
Upgrade to: starfish (Asteroidea)
Annie Reference Link:  Mermay Day|16 by Yamio
I want to pay with AP ;u;
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Hello there hatsuki!
You may not add a blessing to your Annie as she already has the maximum amount of blessings and eye pupil shape she can have.
Please refer to the Annies species sheet to see how many blessings each rarity can have!

If you would like to add another Blessing or change your Annie's eye pupil shape, you will have to buy a Rarity Upgrade slot first!
Which you can see here: Rarity Upgrade Shop! However, Rarity Upgrade slots are limited and do not open often so you'll have to wait ;o;

Sorry for the confusion and please ask me if you have any more questions! 
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