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Welcome to Anniverse's Town Summary Index!
Here you can find out all about our towns and where they are situated!


Temperature | Climate: Very windy and more temperate
Location: Northwest — in the sky
Town Specialty: Having been raised into the sky to avoid war and conflict, this town relies on a giant crystal to keep it afloat. Due to the greed and jealousy of those living on the ground, travel to this town is restricted. Surrounded by high walls and vegetation, it hides a secret magic school inside. They specialize in the secret training of Annies.

Temperature | Climate: -20°c ~ 20°c (-4 ~ 68°F)
Location: West of Masonfront
Town Specialty: While a secret to most, those who are aware of this town know it for being one of the best locations within Aster for finding magical goods. Full of magic, due to the large crystal inside the town, the main goal for the locals is to live in peace. They are very welcoming of those who show interest in their culture and ways of life. If a human is able to survive the environment by using magic, they are welcomed with open arms.

Temperature | Climate: Fair, with moderate humidity
Location: Northwest, but still visible from the capital
Town Specialty: Originally a large piece of land used for agriculture, this town transitioned into industrial purposes as the land quality declined. Some inhabitants introduced foreign flora and fauna as they were unhappy with how nature was being treated. Mass living quarters are preferred here, as they encourage interaction. They specialize in experiments, manufacturing, and various types of production.

Temperature | Climate: 15 ~ 20°C (59 ~ 68°F)
Location: Northwest — in a cold, difficult to navigate canyon
Town Specialty: Hidden away in a canyon, this town was originally formed by two tribes to protect the island’s giant crystal. However, the two tribes continued to fight, and eventually, a priestess arrived and separated the tribes once more. In the present time, the inhabitants are pacifistic and peaceful. They specialize in making crystal kalimbas that are highly sought after in the music industry.

Temperature | Climate: Around 20°C (68°F)
Location: Northwest
Town Specialty: When a group of Annie travelers stumbled upon a mass of crystals underground, they brought out a giant crystal to try and harvest them. The reaction caused the land to rise into the air, forming this town. Being so high up in the sky, it makes a perfect place for scholars and those interested in astronomy. Many of the inhabitants are wealthy in part because of the crystals. They specialize in crystal knowledge and advanced weapon making techniques.

Temperature | Climate: Moderate climate; 20 ~ 25°C (68 ~ 77°F)
Location: Inside an intrepid mountain range; equidistant to Caelum, Mana, Masonfront and Miitsu
Town Specialty: Incredibly secluded and traditional, this town stays true to its origins as they worship their deity. Due to a past conflict with humans where they inflicted great pain upon this deity, they are forbidden from entering. Should an Annie choose to have relations with one, they will likely be disowned. They specialize in Healing Potions, Runes, and Barrier Magic.


Temperature | Climate: Temperate
Location: North of Foirswald — on the Peninsula
Town Specialty: Built inside a giant tree created by runaway Annies, this town is visible from miles away. With various pathways to get around, it is a safe haven for Annies blessed by bugs. Legends also say that they can hear the voices of 4 entities that protect the inhabitants from harm. They specialize in Sweets and Pastries.

Temperature | Climate: -30 ~ 10°C (-22 ~ 50°F)
Location: Far North — near the North Ocean
Town Specialty: Built around a giant fire that was supposedly created by a phoenix, this town refuses to let humans in because they fear that they won’t respect the fire they fought to protect. Most of the inhabitants have learned fire resistance spells to protect themselves from the heat. They specialize in weapons enchanted from the Holy Phoenix Fire and cut stone.

Temperature | Climate: Winter: -45 ~ -62°C (-50 ~ -80°F)
Summer: -27 ~ -17°C (-18 ~ 0°F)
Location: Far North — within the arctic circle
Town Specialty: With houses made out of ice and onsen, this town is known for its isolationism. A war happened in the past between humans and Annies, which led to the destruction of the humans and their settlement. They are highly involved in trade, and they specialize in highly skilled craftsmen.

Temperature | Climate: -5 ~ 25°C (23 ~ 55°F)
Location: North of Asternaive, south of Luminoire
Town Specialty: Originally abandoned by humans, this town resides in a forest. A giant tree in the center is the source of all the power in the area. Annies feed the tree magic, allowing it to channel the magic into the ground, revitalizing the land. They specialize in wooden furniture and medicine created from local plants.

Temperature | Climate: 0°C, Tundra Climate
Location: One of the most northern towns, only Elurra is further north
Town Specialty: Originally known as Hikari, this town was inhabited by humans. However, due to the lack of light, the town was deemed uninhabitable and abandoned. After a natural disaster, both humans and Annies needed another place to live, found the ruins of Hikari. Using magic so they could co-exist, the town became known as Luminoire. They specialize in lanterns and lamp post creation.


Temperature | Climate: 15 ~ 20°C (59 ~ 68°F) due to the wind
Location: In the Northeast by an ocean
Town Specialty: Caught between two feuding witches, this town is a constant battlefield. As he humans that live in the town fear the two witches, the Annies live in peace. While the town is protected by Maria, the witch of jealousy, she uses her shapeshifting powers to torment the inhabitants. They specialize in potions.

Temperature | Climate: 4 ~ 15°C (40 ~ 60°F)
Location: Northeast of Asternaive, East of Iiara, located through a cave
Town Specialty: An underground movement for the development of magic, Rhyenice is an ideal place when it comes to developing unique spells, potions, items, and any other thing that a creative mind could imagine. With the market helping bring in objects and ingredients not found within Rhyenice, there is no shortage of possibilities for the innovative Annies within this town.


Temperature | Climate: Temperate-cold, -6 ~ 20°C (20°F ~ 75°F)
Location: West of the continent, in line with Asternaive
Town Specialty: A relatively new town, it was created by Annies who wanted easy access to both land and sea. With townhomes going to the wealthy and apartments for the less wealthy, each one has a shrine for the blessings and the crystals, as they power the town. With 6 parks around, each with a large crystal, this town is truly impressive. They specialize in clothing and jewelry.

Temperature | Climate: Moderate, 22°C (71.6°F)
Location: West of Asterglean, near a small river
Town Specialty: Originally the capital of a small human empire, this town fell to an unknown disaster. When the empire crumbled as a result of an invasion, its castle and carillion remained standing, giving hope to the survivors. While nowhere near its former size, this town is still rather large, surrounded but vast fields and an outer wall. They specialize in trade and recycling old items.


Temperature | Climate: 10 ~ 25°C (50 ~ 77°F)
Location: Central, near Asternaive
Town Specialty: Founded as a place for refugee Annies, it is a safe haven for those who have been cast out. Surrounded by all kinds of flowers and trees, as well as being home to a spa, it gives off a very peaceful atmosphere. Humans are rarely allowed to enter, due to the town being a refuge. They specialize in beauty and health products.

Temperature | Climate: Around 25°C (77°F) in the Summer and around 18 ~ 20°C (64 ~ 68°F) otherwise
Location: In the center of the continent
Town Specialty: This town is normal looking, with houses made of light brown/white stone, and specializes in Floravera perfumes along with traditional fans.

Temperature | Climate: -20 ~ 30°C (-4 ~ 86°F) and experiences all four seasons
Location: Slightly north of Aster, nearby to Asternaive and Asterglean
Town Specialty: A massive walled off fortress containing a three-tiered stratum for this town with only the protection of its residents in mind. Each tower within this town is connected by a water pathway to allow the aquatic Annies a quicker route of travel. The best method of touring the town is by way of small boats.


Sakana Island
Temperature | Climate: 27°C (18°F)
Location: Located to the east of the continent and is isolated from the rest. Found near the east coast of Aster
Town Specialty: Shrouded in mystery, this island has a handful of residents who remain aged. It is mainly known for its secrets and the memorial festival on the longest day of the summer, where paper lotuses are placed into the sea. Being heavily guarded from the outside, only trusted are allowed to pass through. They specialize in businesses within the town and most townsfolk lives revolve around fishing and collecting plants.


Temperature | Climate: 31°C (87.8°F) in the summer, 8°C (46.4°F) in the winter. The rest of the year is more temperate.
Location: Southwest of Asternaive, near the bottom of the continent
Town Speciality: Lying at the base of a mountain range, this town evolved from a small village of humans to a tourist town of Annies. With a giant cherry blossom tree in the center of it, this town gives off a calming sensation. They specialize in floravera perfume and various cherry blossom items.

Temperature | Climate: 15 ~ 43°C (59 ~ 109.4°F)
Location: Southwest of the continent, located on an island
Town Specialty: The perfect tourist attraction established upon one of the most beautiful beaches in the continent. The rainbow-hued sand makes a beautiful souvenir to be collected within bottles. This is the perfect location to come relax and be pampered with the large variety of spas offered with this beautiful town.

Temperature | Climate: Mild, 22°C (71.6°F), storms and fogs are common
Location: Slightly south and west of Songbell
Town Specialty: Founded by a group of refugees who had lost everything and had nowhere to return to, this town found prosperity in the crystal trade. Sadly, the inhabitants got greedy, and started to over-mine the area, causing permanent damage. Gangs who had lurked in the shadows for years began to rise once again, and with the police corruption, took over the government. They specialize in casinos and the nightlife.


Bord de Etoilicia
Temperature | Climate: 25°C (77°F)
Location: The very south of the continent, next to the equator and in line with Asternaive
Town Specialty: The home of the empress, this town is very prosperous, having little to no poverty. At first, the buildings are basic, but as you get further in, they get much fancier and elegant. Every month, there is a festival that welcomes the inhabitants into the castle for food and baths. They specialize in food and flora, along with rare dragon eggs.

Temperature | Climate: Temperate climate, tending to stay around 22°C (71.6°F) year round
Location: Near Bord de Etoilica
Town Speciality: Originally founded as a small hub for the postal service, this town eventually grew into a small tourist town after the discovery of hot springs. Most residents never leave, choosing to help run their families establishments. They specialize in sending mail and shipping items.

Temperature | Climate: 20 ~ 27°C (68 ~ 80.6°F)
Location: On the south of the continent.
Town Speciality: This town was originally founded when a pirate ship was betrayed by a merchant who hired them. Just as they were about to sink, a giant tentacle rose from the waters and kept them afloat. Out of gratitude, the pirates decided to help protect the treasure they were hired to find. They specialize in the trading of pearls and seafood.


Temperature | Climate: 5 ~ 32°C (41 ~ 89.6°F)
Location: Southeast, by the coast
Town Specialty: Surrounded by flowers, this town is a paradise for both Annies and humans. Three mythicals call this town home, and they are the guardians of it. Flower conservation is especially important to them, as is protecting the animals that call the town home. They are well known for clothing crafts and enchanted clothing, along with beauty and health products specifically herbal teas.

Temperature | Climate: Desert climate; hot during the day, and cold during the night
Location: Southeast in the desert
Town Specialty: Emerging from a time of chaos, this town was formed by a priestess who wanted humans and Annies to be treated equally. Built around an oasis which supplies all the water necessary, the town is frequented by merchants. They specialize in crystal mushroom growth.

Temperature | Climate: Desert climate
Location: Between Melissandre and Valenoir
Town Specialty: Formed shortly after the meteor event, this town was a chaotic convergence of all those who wanted to flee. Upon realizing the scale of the disaster, many despaired, but due to the efforts of an Annie called Elise, they began to construct homes on the cliffside. They specialize in the trading of secondhand goods.

Temperature | Climate: 4 ~ 43°C (40°F ~ 110°F)
Location: More southeastern, where denser forests would be located
Town Specialty: A secluded village in a forest, this town is sought out by Annies for the calming scent of lavender that lingers in the air. The town is mainly visited because of its peaceful atmosphere, though it is also a great place to train magic and master blessings. This town specializes in aromatherapy and products that promote healing and relaxation.

Temperature | Climate: -18 ~ 35°C (-0.4 ~ 95°F)
Location: More to the southeast, right by the ocean
Town Specialty: Stumbling upon untouched and fertile land, a group of Annies created the foundations of this town. Traders and settlers came from all over due to the proximity to the coast, allowing the inhabitants to learn about other cultures. Bringing over dance and music caused a massive change in the town, transforming it due to the introduction of “idols”. They specialize in performing arts.


Temperature | Climate: Varies according to relative location to the planet
Location: Constantly moving
Town Specialty: Having been forced into the sky by a crystal explosion, this town floats around the atmosphere using crystal anti-gravity magic. Due to this, the crystals in the town have similar properties. When the explosion occurred, a giant mountain range formed around the former location. They specialize in trade, as they gather all kinds of rare items.

Temperature | Climate: The climate varies over time.
Location: The town is located on the east coast of the continent as it swims peacefully in the ocean. It can be seen anywhere from Foirswald to Melissandre
Town Specialty: Built on the back of a giant turtle, this town travels along the coastline, being visible from several points. Surrounded by an air bubble that allows the turtle to return underwater for several weeks at a time, many flora and fauna call it home. With staircases on either side leading down to a crystal structure that underwater Annies can call home, this town is truly a mix of land and sea. They specialize in marine life and care, and take care of the town when the turtle falls ill.

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