The Battle of Haneira

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250 years before the meteors struck, Haruko, Hikaru’s descendant, had heard of the village built atop the ruins of his ancestor’s home, decided to invade with a group of likeminded humans. He wanted to wipe out the area, as his ancestor had once tried to do.

Hikaru’s rage towards the village never faded, and he passed it down to his son. It continued for 350 years, but over time the reason got twisted and distorted. When Haruko heard that annies had taken over the ruins and the village began to flourish, he believed that it was his purpose to finish what his ancestor had started. He went around to different human villages, and when they found out that an annie settlement was nearby, they joined his crusade to get rid of the annies.

At the time, Haneira was but a small village of 250 Annies living peacefully. You could imagine their surprise when suddenly a large group of humans from neighboring towns descended upon them for apparently no reason and declared war. Their population was just living off of what they were farming. None were ready to pick up, nor wield a sword. In fact, none even owned a blade. So the humans’ swords were met with the Annies’ pitchforks. Genkei’s grandson, Kazuki, stood as their impromptu leader and commanded as best he could. Nevertheless, over the next five days the Annies were reduced from 250 to a to a mere 62.

On the beginning of the fifth day, Kazuki had decided enough was enough and sought Haruko out to battle him. In combat they turned out to be evenly matched, but Haruko had been training all his life for this very moment and gained the upper hand. Hours passed without rest until finally Kazuki fell to his knees, and at last to the ground. Haruko was barely in better shape, seemingly about to fall apart himself. Yet he stood triumphant over his enemy, ready to perform the act he desired most. Readying his sword, he spoke to Kazuki. “I have won. May you be washed away in the blood of your companions like the petals of that stupid cherry blossom tree you all hold so dear in the rain.”

Unfortunately for him, his impromptu one-liner was his downfall. In the nick of time, the grandchild of the Floravera that had protected the town from Hikaru himself swooped down from the heavens and snatched Haruko’s head from atop his shoulders, leaving his lifeless body to fall to the ground. After a moment’s thought, the Floravera decided to leave the head with his brethren, dropping it into the middle of the human army before returning to its nest. News quickly spread and the humans, now thoroughly perturbed, began to fall apart. Haneira’s forces were able to take advantage of the chaos and achieve victory at last.

However, their victory was rather pyrrhic. The bodies littered the blood-soaked ground, Annies mixed with humans. The surviving humans had to leave for their own homes, not wanting to remain in the location of this senseless conflict any longer. For the first time ever, Haneira had to establish a graveyard for its own dead. Nevertheless, the kind Annies there found a suitable location outside the town to bury the humans. They were not monsters, after all. However, they never managed to locate Haruko’s head and had to bury him without it.

That day, Haneira received a grim reminder, and thus, they made sure to keep some trained in the way of the sword and of magic from then on.

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