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Electricity isn't used or necessarily discovered since crystals and magic with electric properties are more often used to power things. Crystals can have the same properties as electrical components, so they are preferred over more industrial methods. While humans are more practical, they are not so advanced that they have discovered electricity or industrial fabric. Humans tend to just use things that Annies have invented, usually crystals.

Annies and Humans tend to use magic crystals to cause reactions to objects around them, such as warming a bath, or moving a tree. Objects may have indents for these crystals to rest in when in use. Humans use crystals as the vast majority do not have access magic within themselves, so they have to use magic in containers

There are huge airships that travel in straight paths and are unable to turn by themselves. They work using a pair of powerful magnetic crystals that attract each other. They go in straight lines in a loop throughout Aster. Their altitude is fairly high so they usually need a docking place to either release their cargo or let people come on board if it is a merchant ship.

It is possible to have magical photography stored in extremely thin crystals. However, the chance of finding crystals with these capabilities is extremely rare. Only the incredibly wealthy are able to have a photo of their family. Some crystals can remember visual information more than others, so the the visual can last a few seconds but never a whole scene. Due to this, it is common to have portraits drawn of friends and family instead. In terms of the likely length of a recorded ‘video’ the most that a crystal like this could store would probably be like a short GIF.

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