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Welcome to Cogmate University Open House!

I’ll be your tour guide for today! Allow me to show you around and tell you things you may or may not know about our grand establishment!

Cogmate was founded long, long ago, when Songbell was still Sasaka City! Records of the founding have been lost to time immemorial, but apparently he named it after some fictional alchemist… but that’s not why you’re here, right? As long as it’s not magic, you can find it here! (If you want that, you’re gonna have to go find Caelum, but that stuffy place is way pickier than we are.)

Cogmate accepts students into 4 or 5-year programs, split up into trimesters with some short breaks scattered throughout. It’s very easy to apply to our general programs as long as you prove you can read and write, have existed outside the womb for 15 or more years, and have either graduated from our school system or passed a special test! We’ve got plenty of off-campus housing opportunities among the various buildings nearby, too, so you don’t have to worry about finding an apartment to rent, and you have the opportunity to stay during the breaks or go home for those, too! We can accommodate all your needs here at our establishment!

We have a variety of specialized classrooms. That smell is coming from the chemistry department and its special array of equipment. It’s the smell of progress! We even have a new intro to alchemy class for those interested in it! It’s all pretty exciting stuff! Now, over to you- [explosion in the distance, ground rumbling] ...Guess the engineering department is busy with a lab today. Sounds really exciting! I still wish I had been there to meet one of the few Annies that actually took that class…

Now, over to your left, math and physics are having a joint class today, talking about… oh, who knows? Not my major! I’m with the literary arts side of campus! We learn to write everything from legal decrees to scripts, and the best of the best help to decipher some of the oldest books retrieved from the library!

Speaking of which, I think you should take a look at our esteemed Shaft Library! We’re not quite sure how far down it goes yet, but the first 5 floors are open to the public! It extends down quite far, you see, so we’re still investigating it… or so I’m told. If you’re accepted into the college you’ll have access to floors 6 and 7, which just has a bunch of copies of the books on 1-5. We’ve got fiction, non-fiction, possibly fiction… a bit of everything, really. We’ve also got a bunch of books so old we can’t translate them!

Also, yes, we know there’s this weird statue at the entrance with a man’s neck tilted backwards at an impossible angle. Yes, we know it’s titled “The Most Important Thing”. No, we know neither who made it nor why.

Lastly, I suppose I’ll tell you about the Cosmos Spyglass. I’m sure none of you want to take a long walk all the way out there to see it, as it’s located quite far outside the city to avoid what I’m told is called... “light pollution”? I don’t really get it, but apparently if you’re too close to the light of the city the telescope doesn’t work or something. Either way… it’s a telescope and you can see the stars in the sky up close with that thing! Some of the best astronomers outside of Mitiora gather there! They study the stars from afar, and some of them are theorizing that there are other actual bits of land out there that we could walk on some day! Although, if you ask me, that can’t be true. They’re just trying to one-up Mitiora, I bet.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention! We’ve also sponsored a study-abroad program with Masonfront for those looking to expand their horizons and dig into the cutting-edge for crystal-powered technologies! Songbell has an agreement to use one of the facilities in Masonfront for extra research and contracts with their own researchers so those interested can learn a lot about magic crystals and what you can do with them. We get a number of students each year who travel to Masonfront on our own dime who want to study this briefly but need something more structured than just going there and looking for an apprenticeship. It’s pretty neat, from what I hear.

Well, what do you think? You wanna apply to Cogmate? I totally think you’d all be a good fit and that totally has nothing to do with the fact that they pay me extra for everyone I give a tour to that applies! So please, give this place a chance and I’m sure you’ll definitely love it here!

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