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🐙The name means "Treasure"🐙


Have you ever heard the legend of the Golden Kelpie, that famous pirate ship that sailed the seas centuries ago? Stories tell of a grand Galleon that would scour the ocean, pillaging unsuspecting ships and taking all sorts of naval quests. One day, the captain was approached by a Laoluzian merchant looking for an artifact believed to have fallen in the southeastern sea. The captain accepted the mission and looked far and wide in the waters, hoping to make a good fortune out of it.

They eventually found what they believed to be what they were searching for, a glimmering shape could be seen from under the waves. However, shortly after confirming the light was indeed what they were looking for, a Laoluzian warship appeared and attacked the galleon. The merchant who hired the pirates had turned coat and were now trying to get rid of the pirates, to ensure they could recover the artifact without having to pay any rewards. What happened afterwards was something no one would believe even by witnessing the scene.

A gigantic tentacle broke the surface of the water, and prevented the pirate ship from sinking, at the same time a multitude of tentacles hit the warship with such force it broke into shards and splinters in an instant. The pirates, incredulous, tried to find the source of the giant limbs and came face to face with a humongous eye. A voice resonated in the sea farers’ minds. “This is my treasure, these people tricked you into stealing it from me. Return to the land and do not come back.”

The pirates instead stood tall, facing the beast. The captain then declared, “You saved our lives, we are nothing more than bandits and thieves, yet, you decided to save us from these traitors. There is nothing for us on the land, but if you would allow us to live under your protection, we would be more than happy to help you protect your treasure.”

And here is where the legends end. They say that soon after these events, an underwater town, protected by a massive air bubble, rose from the sea floor. People from all over the world are welcome to visit and make it their home. They must be wary though, anyone who approaches the large artifact in the town square risks attracting the wrath of the town’s guardian, the mighty Kraken.

🐙Temp & Climate🐙

The temperature and climate varies between 20°C (68°F) to 27°C (80°F) degrees. Thanks to being close to the equator, the sun rays keep the waters around the town warm and cozy.

🐙Flora & Fauna🐙

Corals, kelp, whales, sharks, tropical sea life etc.


In the south of the continent.

🐙Special Occasions🐙

On a daily basis, the town residents feed the Kraken part of what they managed to catch on their fishing trips. All annies also grant a bit of their magic to the beast.

During the summer seasons, the underwater currents outside of the town pulls in net fulls of ornate seashells. These shells, lighter due to their living residents leaving them before they had reached the town, are a perfect canvas for those living within Skyatt. Members young and old travel just outside of the town’s barrier (with the help of magic to breathe) to collect said shells, bring them home and paint them together as part of the festival.

🐙Architecture & Buildings of Interest🐙

The residential area of the town consists of houses made to function as ships if the protection bubble ever were to collapse. The houses’ ornaments, mainly made of wood, offer a display of the crest of the families living there. Each of these houses house two to three families.

As for the rest of the town, most buildings are made out of marble or other similar type of stone. Stores and other kind of public services use gold carving and gems on signs outside of their establishments, making it aware which building is which to those who are not so familiar with the town.

In the middle of the town a large marble gazebo with a diamond roof protects the Kraken’s treasure. People are free to visit and look at it, but should the beast see someone try to touch the item by looking through the roof, it would take hold of the whole gazebo and shake the thief out of it.

🐙Government & Laws🐙

The town is pretty lax when it comes to laws and rules, however, touching the Kraken’s artifact is punishable by petrification. Anyone caught trying to steal it will be turned to stone by the Kraken’s power, for a whole year. They are left on display near the gazebo as a warning to the population and outsiders. This rule applies to anyone who murders within the town’s bubble but for an extended period of ten years instead of one.

🐙Trade & Specialties🐙

The trading and gathering of pearls is a big part of the town’s economy. Other than that, the town strives on trading with surface towns by selling fish and other kind of seafood.


The town has a population of approximately 2000 people. There are more annies than humans living in it, but both species live in relative harmony.

🐙Annie Residents🐙

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