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☪ The name means Fish Island ☪


The town of Sakana is a small town found near the east coast of Aster. In this isolated town, Annies donning old fashioned clothes can be seen walking around and going about their daily business. Their lifestyle is mostly revolving around fishing and gathering plants. Oddly enough, they all look too young to be dressed is such old looking clothes and their old traditions also betray the real age of the inhabitants.

It is said that decades ago, an Annie born within the town was blessed by the power to grant eternal youth to others. The townsfolk, greedy and obsessed by youth started to use these powers to maintain their body young and prevent them from suffering through old age. Unbeknownst to the younger villagers, that Annie able to grant eternal youth was prevented access to the outside world so that her power would never leave the town. Making the touch of death unknown to them.

☪Temp & Climate☪

Around 27°C (81°F) year round. The climate is warm and pleasant, the sun doesn't come too strong and the proper amount of shading is available across the island.

☪Flora & Fauna☪

Due to their isolation, not many animals live there. However, It is pretty common for fish to swim around the island. A wide variety of plant life can be found, most of them coming from the southern part of the continent.


Located to the east of the continent. It is isolated from the rest of the continent and stands on a small island. The only known way to access it without a boat is through a passageway that appears when the sea level is at its lowest. Merchants often use that route to trade, however, the ebb and flow of the ocean often mean they have to stay a day or two before leaving the town.

☪Special Occasions☪

Temple visit:
Every day, the residents of the town visit Mierca’s temple to take some of her life force in order to prolong their own.
Memorial Festival:
On the night of the longest day of summer, the town place paper lotuses with small lights in them to honour those that have died into the sea. The day before, the paper is coated in wax so that it does not dissolve and the town’s people write messages to those that have passed onto the lotuses.  

☪Architecture & Buildings of Interest☪

Statues and fountains depicting dragons and other oriental creatures are spread around and create a bit of a gloomy ambiance.

Mierca’s Temple:
Mierca lives here with her family, guardians and servants. The building itself is massive, with an extensive wall and large gardens.
The Council House:
A safe distance from Mierca’s temple is a smaller area, this is where the council discusses the town’s matters.

☪Government & Laws☪

It is heavily guarded from the outside and the only people that are allowed to pass through are trusted merchants.

The town is ruled over by a council of five old and wise Annies.

☪Trade & Specialties☪

This town is self-sufficient so they tend not to trade with outside towns. However there is plenty of trade within the town. A lot of the local trade is fruits and vegetables, as well as fish and chickens, though occasionally there will be turtle soup for sale.

One of the biggest items are ornate hand sewn clothing for dolls. One of the more popular hobbies are ball jointed dolls and so, buying and trading mini furniture, as well beautiful clothing for them, is very popular amongst the population.

On the island grows an interesting plant and when ground up it makes a magic ink that can hang in mid air. This ink is very good for casting spells to help soil restoration and plant growth. It can be fun to watch at theatre shows, as the ink sparkles before disappearing. Some think the plant was unintentionally made by the magic excess from Mierca.


Only Annies live in this town. However most of the Annies that live here are not supposed to be still living, they are living on borrowed time. Due to the town’s immortality, having children is limited so the town does not become overpopulated.

☪Annie Residents☪

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