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❈The town's name means "Glowing Night"❈


Wandering throughout Aster was never an easy task, however, one Annie did just that in order to find the perfect place to indulge in their curiosities of magic. This place was discovered in the depths of the underground where sunrise and ground met. Scattered across the area lie huge mushrooms, the size of trees, herbs of all types, streams of herbal rivers, and glowing moss. Solid dewdrops glowed underneath the trees and were the only source of light, besides the crack in the ceiling where sunlight rushes in.

This place became the center for the underground movement of magic development, where people developed unique spells, potions, items, and more in order to satisfy their curiosities, due to the rich source of magic and ingredients found here. In order to have a wide variety of ingredients, not found in the area, a trade market was formed to obtain unique ingredients for new items and spells.

  Annies that reside here are the nocturnal kind. However, Humans and other non-nocturnal Annies need to have special eye drops concocted by the glowing dewdrops to protect their eyes from stray mushroom spores that are released in the area. The effects last once a day and can be made by any Annie.

❈Temp & Climate❈

40°F (4°C) & 60°F (15°C)

Damp and dark where mushrooms, moss, and other fungi thrive.

❈Flora & Fauna❈

There are various types of mushrooms growing around here. Some are rare and others are rather common. Since there are lots of healing and poisonous mushrooms, along with magical herbs, this place is mainly a trade area for potions and poisons made from these ingredients.

Soft Moss is grown around the floor, trees, and on the sides of the Mushrooms so anyone can relax and take a nap.

Rare flowers and many herbs grow here due to the rich and diverse soil. Even though sunlight rarely reaches here the species of flowers have adapted to liking the damper area.

The water found here has impressive healing abilities due to the herbs grown underneath the river bed.


North-east of Asternaive, east of Iiara.

❈Special Occasions❈

Prayer of the Guardian
Once a year a celebration occurs, where citizens pray for guidance and protection from the Guardian of Rhyenice. Throughout the town, everyone celebrates by crafting containers that hold Delphinium flowers and river water. After this, they release these lanterns into the depths of the river and send their well wishes and prayers for the continued protection of their town.
Half-Moon Faire
Twice a year in the fall and in the spring, Rhyenice hosts an infamous marketplace event. At this event, called the Half-Moon Faire, the citizen’s magical inventions and items take the stage. Outside of the faire area, there is a large sign that reads “TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK.” Many see the risk as a large part of the fun. Most of the vendors at the faire are vetted, but a sometimes less scrupulous people slip through the cracks. Lastly, the main attractions of this event, aside from the vendors, are magic shows, rare pet sales, and all types of food.

❈Architecture & Buildings of Interest❈

The house structure is mainly hollowed out Mushrooms with the outside having overgrown shrubbery and glowing orbs of dewdrops that hang from the underside of the Mushroom.

Vithrea’s Potion Shop

Contains many magical items and where most experimental potions happen. It’s a very successful shop and commissioning her to create a potion, spell, or item for you takes about 3 years due to the back long of people waiting.

The Bazaar

Where trading happens for magical ingredients and other goods. It is set up like a vendor’s street market.

Verdure Fields

Where all types of herbs and magical ingredients grow. It’s found near where the crack of sunlight comes through in Rhyenice.

Moss Mountain

A huge mountain dense with white trees growing closest to where the crack of sunlight comes through in Rhyenice. Many different types of moss grow on their bark that can be used for Sleeping, Healing, and more.

Sentinel River

The river that surrounds and flows throughout the town. Many herbs grow in this river and it is the place where the Guardian, Zoastria, watches everyone. Underneath the water, there are vines and glowing flowers, structured in a way of that of a lit hallway, which makes many wonder if the Guardian made them

❈Government & Laws❈

In Rhyenice there is not one ruler but a Guardian named Zoastria and a collective elder council, that consists of 2 of the oldest Annies and one trusted human, by Zoastria's approval, to represent the human population. They don’t step into their role of dictators unless a dire situation calls for it. The rules of this place are mainly:

1. Experiment at your own risk - Everyone gathers here to satisfy their curiosities so if something has gone wrong it is your fault for not taking proper safety precautions

2. Do not involve murdered magical beings in experiments - The magical being has to have died naturally in order to harvest their magical properties. Murder is not tolerated even if it’s for your magical curiosities that require magical beings. You will be sentenced to death by Zoastria in silence.

3. Trade only for magical ingredients - Since fruits and vegetables grow here most of the people that live here don’t really need to trade for them. They rather have magical ingredients from around the whole world here.

4. Fee for Harvesting - People outside of Rhyenice are able to harvest magical ingredients here for a small fee. They are only allowed to take ingredients in a knapsack that is provided from Vithrea. It doesn’t matter how much it weighs or how much you’re able to fit inside the sack as long as it doesn’t overflow or rip.

Trade & Specialties

They mainly trade magical ingredients, herbs, moss, potions, spells, experimental items, and river water.

Most trade happens on the vendors road. A majority of the vendors also have hidden stock, consisting of forbidden and black market goods, depending on what the buyer asks for.

They also sometimes have a small amount of Mana-created weapons for sale, but of course, they claim they don’t know where those come from.


Roughly about 4,000 Annies live here. Though most of them have arrived in the last twenty years.

❈Annie Residents❈

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