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Winners Announcement

Thank you all for participating in our Rain Dance Contest!
These umbrella designs really awed the judges with their intricacy and beauty~
Here are our wonderful winners!

1st Place


Anniverse Rain Dance contest entry by TBeeBee

Judges' Thoughts

○ This entry is absolutely stunning. It's a very unique and innovative twist on an umbrella design, that suits the Annie very well! I also especially love the extra details showing the functions of the umbrella, as well as its' extra details!

○ I have never seen an umbrella like this this before! I love how both practical, functional and elegant it is. They have clearly thought about how to store this Umbrella away, how to easy carry it around as a handbag when closed, and how it looks like an over-sized bonnet when in use. Blending the traditional aspects together with the modern transparency is impressive, and it does not look off. The transparent bits would provide a beautiful hue on a rainy summer day, and the endorsement is clearly shown to be custom made for this Annie. That this is her umbrella, and hers only.

○ I think this entry is super unique from the rest with its dome-shaped appearance. I also instantly knew which Annie this was at first glance! The soft colors are very appealing alongside the little intricate details is has.

○ This entry is a beautiful match for the Annie it was inspired by. The attention to detail with all the decorations being used in such a way as to honor the blessing while also not taking away from the functionality of the umbrella is truly amazing. The transparent parts being mixed with the traditional elements takes my breath away.

○ I think that Terra's umbrella is incredible! The Annie is instantly recognizable because of the incorporation of her iconic headpiece! On top of that though, the creativity of it really blows me away! There's nothing like it among the other entries, and I've personally never seen an umbrella like this in real life either, but the design just makes so much sense!


* It is up to the Prize Donors to contact the Winners! *

1st Place
1000 AP
UC MYO Annie
C MYO Annie
1 bust from Ranelia
1 Animal Crossing styled bust from Poly-peptide
1x Bust from Pegashi12
300 AP from Ethii

2nd Place


Rain dance entry by teebaismail

Judges' Thoughts

○ This one, definitely! I saw the peony shaped umbrella and immediately thought of Damien. I especially love how it closes like a peony flower, it's very clever! The little gems going around the umbrella and the handle give it an extra touch of detail to bring the design out!

○ I have to go with Tee's! I absolutely adore the incorporation of his necklace onto his umbrella! I knew it could only be one Annie when I saw it! The overall design fits his aesthetic perfectly! Like even though the handle of the umbrella isn't a mimicry of anything on his design, it absolutely belongs with him and fits perfectly as a design element!

○ The way the umbrella closes, in a manner similar to a flower about to bloom, is truly unique. The small detail with the gold chain and the little red gems are a great accent to the white of the umbrella, while also staying true to the colors of the Annie. A beautiful piece.


* It is up to the Prize Donors to contact the Winners! *

2nd Place
700 AP
C MYO Annie
1 Animal Crossing styled bust from Poly-peptide
1 Full bust from Nyte-Myst
200 AP from Ethii

3rd Place


.: Rain Dance Contest :. Umbrella by BiShakalaka

Judges' Thoughts

○ The long feathers at the rear of the umbrella catch my attention instantly. Not only is it a great way to show of the blessing of the Annie, but is also a beautiful and unique element that helps to add a sense of elegance to the design. The tassels at the front are a great choice as well, adding a veil of sorts between the Annie and others.

○ A beautiful and functional design, that brings some mystery and romace into it, with hanging veils. It gives a sense of privacy and beauty. The design itself looks very practical to use, light weight and with a design that truly fits it's owner. You can certaintely imagine this Annie going down the street with this umbrella, without it looking overwhelming. I adore the handle having the blessing upside down, as well the wings at the top, resembling the Annie's headpiece. One would almost think it's the Annie itself who turned into it.

○ Oh boy, where do I start with this beauty of an umbrella! The veil in the back makes the umbrella have a dainty, delicate appearance! All the jewels hanging off from the rim of it alongside the detailed handle really does bring out the beauty of the design even more! Even the more hidden details inside the umbrella itself works together with the rest of the design to make a perfect harmony~


* It is up to the Prize Donors to contact the Winners! *

3rd Place
500 AP
1 Animal Crossing styled bust from Poly-peptide
1 Full bust from Nyte-Myst
100 AP from Ethii

Honorable Mentions


Rain Dance Contest | Crowned Sorcerer by seucwi

Judges' Thoughts

○ I am so in love with Seu's umbrella design! There really isn't any element of the Annie that didn't get a shout out in the umbrella! The alternating color of the ruffles on the inside of the umbrella, the spiraling gold details, the gem-link chains he's adorned with, the tassels, the stripes, and even the cutout on his pants are all present! The detail in the umbrella topper is a perfect harmony to the Annie's signature hat, and I think the two go beautifully together!

○ The details in this entry are what immediately caught my eye. Not only does this umbrella design represent the Annie it's inspired by gorgeously, but the amount of care put into each and every intricate detail is very clear. It gives off a lovely magical feel that is very very fitting to Anniverse, I feel!

Umbrella design by Ciapura Umbrella design by Ciapura Dahlia umbrella by Yunamishi Rain Dance Entry by hatsukibambi Contest: Umbrella for HoneyBoy by VilmaMonster


* It is up to the Prize Donors to contact the Winners! *

Honorable Mentions
300 AP

Thank you all so much for the wonderful entries!
Make sure to give these entries a lot of love if you haven't done so already!!
All Entries

Coded by Ethii and softely
© 2020 - 2021 Anniverse
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Kourakia's avatar

Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who participated!! This contest was full of gorgeous entries and if these were real umbrella's I would buy them all!! ;A;

Bronzeti's avatar
Congrats to the winners! And to all who participated, you all did an amazing job. The designs were all so wondrously unique and well executed.

Once again, great job!
BiShakalaka's avatar
Thank you so much for the opportunity and this contest ;; w ;; !!
CookieTeaa's avatar
Congratulations to all the winners! You did an incredible job and produced such unique designs, im so proud of all of you!!  2018YupiANanEmote023 by YupiANan
kittengeist's avatar
Congrats to the winners! There were so many amazing entries with a lot of creativity and uniqueness! 
VilmaMonster's avatar

My congrats to the winners! All their designs are super-creative amd inspiriting.

Also i say "Thank you" to whole Anniverse for the opportunity to participate in this contest.I was very happy while i created my designs.

My question: Are the prizes for all Honorable Mentions or it's only for Seucwi?

Pegashi12's avatar
Congratulations to the winners! All the entires are awesome ouo
However, I do believe that my prize (a bust for 1st) was not listed here? Please add it to the list of prizes for 1st place if that is the case ^^
kittengeist's avatar
Seems I missed that while making this, thanks for catching it!
Milavana's avatar
Congratulations to the winners!
There have been so many beautiful entries, all of you did amazing!! <3
Shi-Gure's avatar
Congratulations to winners!! All of the designs are so beautiful!
Ciapura's avatar

Congratulations to the winners! My favourite design won, so even if I didn't place I'm quite happy with the results ^_^

Yamio's avatar
Congratulations to all the winners!
You all did amazing! ♥
VilmaMonster's avatar

Thank you so much for these words. I was happy to participate.

KittyDaUnicorn's avatar
congrats to the winners!! you all did amazing ♡
Kumanbachi's avatar
Congratz to the Winner >< It is so deserved! thats a really really realllly nice idea and that is so well conceived O_O
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