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Being a Priestess or Priest, together called Seers, or Sages when more advanced, on the continent of Aster is something to be held in high regard.
They are the spiritual leaders of the Annies and are born with the ability to see the spiritual aura of those around them. Those born with the powers of a Seer will have a harsh but rewarding life ahead them, they are expected to put others before themselves, honing their craft to better serve the public. Most trainees can only see the auras of blessings around people but as the advance in the ranks and get more training they will be able to pinpoint the blessings and even see the manifestations.

The highest ranking Seers can even see cores, how big they are and how much potential they have, this is very helpful for them to see if they are dealing with a human or an Annie.
All rarities are represented among the Seers but it is unusual to see those blessed by a common blessing becoming a Seer since it requires a lot of magical power to see the spiritual energies of others and their blessings.
When a Seer has reached a high enough level to be considered an elite among their peers, they can undergo a trial to become a Sage, this trial involves determining blessings on Annies that have hidden them and proving their combat abilities.

As they are seen as servants to the society, parents will often visit the local Seer to see if their child is blessed or will be blessed.
Romantic relationships are not illegal for Seers but it is frowned upon, often in smaller and secluded communities.  
The highest form of betrayal a Seer can commit is using their position and power for personal gains, doing this would label them a witch and the punishment can range from exile to being executed.

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