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The continent’s best and brightest Annies deliver through all kinds of weather and dangers. All major cities have one or more post offices but the main hub is just outside the capitol in the hot springs resort city called Ivy. They serve as the most reliable source of long distance delivery employees (LDE for short).

Job Description:
Intown Postal Carriers: These workers don’t need to be Annies and will only deliver mail and packages within their town. Sometimes if need be they will do in town pickups for an extra fee.

Airship Deliverers: These workers drop off/deliver packages along the airship route to cities from the capitol to Asternaive to Eldurr.

LDE: These almost always have to be Annies as they have better chances of survival in the harsh wilderness. They follow the mending roads or carve their own path to deliver their letters. It is important that LDE understand that the letters are important and no matter what they must be delivered. The harder the delivery, the more they are paid. Most workers are paid very well for their troubles as they are technically employed by the Empress.

APS History: After the meteors destruction, it became incredibly hard to get communication between towns. With the destruction of roads, the continent had to rebuild itself from the rubble. When the capital began to flourish once again, travelers began coming, going and staying leaving family behind. The small intercity postal system began growing and outsourcing after a small upset with the workers who began to travel the world not getting paid enough for the dangerous work. Due to this, the capitol built a small town just outside the Air docks so that the Etolicia office could downsize and get to work quickly without having to be constantly shuffled around with the regular workers. As the postal system connected with more and more towns, the offices became more centralized and a brilliant Annie scientist from the capitol developed the communication crystals to help out the postal system even more. Every big hub got a large piece of the crystal and smaller hubs got smaller pieces. The connected crystals meant LDE’s got specific orders and helped organize the delivery system.

Ivy and the Postal Service: As the main hub of the Postal Service, the workers who work here are mostly long distance travelers. While smaller hubs can have one or two LDEs, if a town is out of reach or far away the individual hubs send out a signal by color and a series of dots and dashes through a series of connected crystals cut from the same crystal. Most of this particular crystal was discovered inside the mountain range by Ivy. This is very similar to the early telegraph system and as this technology is fairly new and fragile, its heavily regulated by Villian and the capitol and only the heads of the Outposts are allowed to use it.

Postal Service workers are often in high standing regardless of blessing rarities, as it is seen as extremely brave to travel through all different types of terrain to keep cities and their people in touch either via the Air Docks, horseback, or on foot. The only human workers are relegated to delivering only inside their city or between Air Docks as most long distance workers are assigned based on how well their blessing interact with environments.However, the farther and farther you get from the capitol, the more reliant on local shipping services the APS becomes.

Communication Crystals: These are magic crystals all cut from the same large crystal that was mined from Ivy’s Mountain. They’re extremely fragile, but can telegraph colors and short messages in small bright flashes. The crystals are about the size of an apple and are a very light blue. Color flashes correspond to regions; short and long white flashes are the outpost numbers.

Job Hierarchy
Chiefs- They run the various outposts and telegraph locations and the needs to other locations. They are the only people allowed to operate the communication crystals. These have to be Annies or magical humans in order to send magic through the crystals.

Delegators- They sort and run the mail to the deliverers

Deliverers- They run intercity mail and/or mail between Airdock accessible cities. These can be Annie or Human jobs.

Long Distance Runners- These are the most well paid due to the danger of their job. These are Annie specific jobs based on how well blessings would fair in different climates and their fighting skills.

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