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Oogies are medium in size and are characterized by their sturdy legs, large ears, a tail and long clawed arms.

♥ Unique Physical traits 
They are similar to Annies in the regards that Oogies get blessed by animal spirits.

The blessing they get will affect the appearance of their tail, ears and claws. Some may become fluffier, covered in scales or more rough, depending on the blessings.

More Oogies pictures will be released soon!

General Information

Size & Weight

Oogies vary heavily in size, just like humans, but the averages are approximately 165 cm (5’4) tall, and weigh around 50 kg (110 lbs).


Oogies are omnivorous, they will avoid waste as much as they can and eat everything they can from their prey.


They are fluent with the language most commonly spoken on Aster. Their physiology allows them to have a wide variety of body language on top of their spoken words.

The lifespan of an Oogie can be around 60 years more or less, plus the lifespan of their blessing.


While the oogies originate from the hot forests of the equator, they are very good at adapting to new environment and are not confined to any specific climate.
Species Status

They are not as commonly seen as Annies, however, their numbers are still impressive. And who knows how many more of them still live in the equator.

Behavior and Relationships

♥ General demeanour and temperament
Oogies are lively and aggressive in nature. Most of their culture is based around strength and the respect gained from it.

♥ Behavior with others of their own species
Most Oogies will live with their own clans and villages. If a member of their species is showing forms of weakness however, they may end up becoming outcast and be rejected by their kin. These outcasts will often either live on their own, or move to a city of Annies or Humans.

♥ Behavior with other creatures
As they are hunters by nature, they rarely raise livestock and prefer to earn their meal through a proper hunt. If they can defeat it, they will eat it. However, an exception to that are the lovahs, a small fragile creature which they have grown fond of. Lovahs are their favored pets and since Lovahs are vegetarians, the Oogies have learnt how to grow crops to accommodate their diets. It is also good to note that sometimes, Oogies will fall in love with people from other sentient species and will commit to them.

♥ Behavior with Annies
Oogies live in semi harmony with Annies. While they are not in big conflict with them, they still struggle with some of them due to culture clashes. The more peaceful ways of Annies also tend to irritate the tougher Oogies. However, once they manage to get equal rights in Annie society, tensions should drop by a large margin.

♥ Behavior with Humans
Oogies do not see humans as very different than Annies and will mingle with those they deem worthy of their time.

Reproduction, Growth and Health

♥ Reproduction

With Oogies, reproduction requires both a male and a female Oogie, and no offspring can be usually be born from an out of species relationship.

♥ What does the offspring look like?
At birth, they are similar to their parent, their body however has a much larger head compared to their body and much shorter limbs. The arms will grow to their adult proportions over a few years.

♥ What are the parent’s responsibilities towards the young?
The parents will raise their young for the first few years of their life and will teach them what they need to fend for themselves. At around 7 years of age, the children are expected to know enough to go on hunts and fight. From that point onward, the parents and child will gradually grow more distant until the growing offspring moves into their own home.

♥ How long does it take to reach adulthood?
An Oogie is considered to have reached maturity around the age of 16.

♥ Weaknesses and health issues
Due to their smaller size and stature as predators, they are easily to lift or be thrown and have to rely on their agility and cunningness due to their weaker defense when hunting.


♥ Species lore

While they are similar to Annies because they share their ability to be blessed by spirits, not much else is known about their origins. A few tribes came from the equator centuries ago, and they have since started making settlements here and there around Aster. They’ve established contact with Annies and Humans, and have had varied amounts of success with this. Some say that the first tribes to explore the continent were looking for new home, due to the harsh conditions to survive in the forbidden equator.

♥ Magic powers/abilities?
Oogies are known for their excellent craftsmanship. Jewelers, blacksmiths, and all kind of artisans can be found within their tribes. Their large ears allow them to have an excellent sense of hearing and they can sense any slight shift in the air surrounding them, which in turn improves their reaction speed. Just as Annies are able to use both arcane and elemental magic. However, it is more common for their magic to be used as an amplification of their strength, rather than nifty spells.

♥ Any folklore/legends

Some people believe that the Oogies skill of working with metals comes from an ability to communicate with the material. It is as if the creatures can order around the materials they work with to gain certain properties and magical powers. They know how not to “hurt” the metal they forge and guide it to the results they want.

♥ The Lovahs

Lovahs are cute critters with short legs and arms, large ears, and a long flat tail that ends with a crystal. Affectionate and cuddly, Lovahs make for perfect pets. These creatures are vegetarians and will often eat what vegetables and fruit leftovers that the Oogies provide them with. While Oogies are mostly a straightforward and aggressive species, they are very fond of the Lovahs. It is quite astonishing how they captivate the attention of Oogies, a species normally proud standing and strong natured.

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