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⛰️Oath of the Blooming Cliffside⛰️


An area built soon after the great meteor event.  The name is a play on two things: the scientific name for the creeping jenny flora that spread in abundance across the cliff face, and name of the town's primary founder, a mysterious young woman who called herself Elise.  However, its spelling is odd because its other founder strongly disliked having the name mispronounced and was finicky about making sure it was pronounced right..

Nyumellis was the product of a chaotic convergence of cloaked characters from various nearby towns who wanted to flee from the meteor event. At the place where they all converged, they fell into heavy despair upon realizing the scale of the disaster, and that they had met those who fled from towns they all wished to reach. On one side was a forest some have barely gotten through due to the amount of carnivorous animals, and all directions led to towns affected by disaster.  On the other was a steep plateau with a looming sandstorm.  It was then that Elise, brimming with charisma, informed them of the location of a “hidden” town in the desert.  Elise and a small party made the attempt to climb the plateau and cross the desert to find it. However...the party returned 3 days later, shorthanded, a testament of the desert’s lethality.  One of them held up a crystallized blue mushroom, and a small sack of it grounded into powder, evidence of possible civilization.  However, no matter how many more attempts were made, it was never found again.  With nowhere else to go, the small group constructed their homes on the cliff face, saving themselves from all dangers save the skies.

Nyumellis is now a small settlement of portable homes etched and adjusted into the rock face of the plateau. They serve as a safe waypoint for journeys to two other major towns in the area. There are rumors that some have found their own mysterious fortunes within the cliff face, and their suspended tavern has gained noticeable fame for some of their rare and unique beverages they offer for tired travelers.

⛰️Temp & Climate⛰️

Often dry and hot due to its location near a desert (up to 44° C or 111° F), but freezing at night (as low as -10° C, or 3° F).  The cliff also faces the landscape in such a way that it is 80% shaded from the sun, keeping the settlement cool under most conditions.

⛰️Flora & Fauna⛰️

Aside from moss, the plateau has an assortment of plants that grow and thrive along the cliff face. These plants have spread and grown so well they provide a decent buffer against strong winds and cold climates. The most common of these is the creeping Jenny, accented by bellflowers (Campanula poscharskyana) and self-heals (Prunella vulgaris). Insects rarely reach these premises, but there’s an assortment of bird wildlife that roosts along the edges of the rocks. The bottom forest is very lush and dense, easy to get lost in, and is a host to all sorts of creepy and carnivorous beasts.


In the southeastern region, a midpoint between Melissandre and Valenoir.

⛰️Special Occasions⛰️

Inspection Week

Twice a year for one week, every building is evaluated for stability as well as the rock and cliffside surrounding it.  If there is a sign of collapse or danger, the building is quickly relocated or moved. This is due to the location being a rock face and the possible danger of erosion constantly at play.

Arid Trek

For the anniversary of the founding, one member of the Counsel will lead a small expedition to find Melissandre. At current time, they have not covered even half of the distance towards it, but have successfully mapped out the surrounding radius.  They do not realize their caves may possibly connect, providing them a much safer passage.

Hollow Season

During the quietest time in the winter, Nyumellis clears out and places a complete hold on all visitors to the town for a period of 1-2 weeks. This is a time where most of the residents make the opportunity to settle down and rest from all town management, visit loved ones outside of town, or take a vacation in some shape or form.

⛰️Architecture & Buildings of Interest⛰️

Houses are extremely small and compact, built with versatility and portability in mind. They have to be disassembled every so often and relocated along the cliffside. Larger families who need larger homes gradually make a place within the grotto.

Demilune Grotto

A cave where the original band of settlers stayed in before expanding their post.  It features an expanding (due to mining) inside, and a small cold lake.  The low dimness in the cave also makes it appear to be eternally moonlit, hence the name.


A small local tavern run by Vivian and her business partner on the outside of the cliff face. Her partner has personal connections to a large brewery, and they serve all sorts of unique food and drinks to travelers to visitors. Their beverages are well-known to have unique flavors, and are a rarity among brewers, raising their value further.

Duvasotnia Inn

This inn is the sole determiner in the capacity of the town as it is the only place that houses non-residents.  Tenants are kept to a strict one-night only rule, and expected to be on their way by the end of the next day. The inn is unavailable on days when the Counsel holds meetings.

The Hoist

A building built near the bottom of the cliffside.  Its primary purpose is to make sure the town’s capacity does not exceed a certain number.  Those who do not fill the capacity are given safe, temporary housing so their travel isn’t in vain.


A second cave recently discovered about halfway between the Vivitaverna and the ground.
So far, only special equipment is used to reach it,
and few are allowed to enter. Whether there is anything of value to be found inside remains to be seen.

⛰️Government & Laws⛰️

The governing body is in the form of The Counsel, which is comprised of the leader of each building forming a group. They gather together bi-monthly to discuss town matters at the local inn, and all issues are decided by majority vote, including laws and judgments.  Due to the lack of space and resources, most judicial actions are carried out through neighboring towns, save for death and complete exile. Most laws in this town are based around their capacity for hospitality.

⛰️Trade & Specialties⛰️

Nyumellis is a trading outpost that deals primarily in secondhand goods.  Their strongest exports are the various ores and minerals found within their caves, which they trade for mining and architectural materials to expand the town.  The local tavern also has a trading connection to receive fine wines and assorted alcoholic beverages. There are also a great assortment of spices traded here between locals and non-residents, but whenever asked, there is silence on their origin or where they were traded from.

The most interesting form of trade done here, however, is information.  From the places and people she’s experienced, Vivian has gained recognition for providing interesting and cryptic information on pathways to other towns, dangers, transportation distances, and what is offered from every landmark and place. She and her partner are also familiar with bounties, recent events, trading needs, supply and demand needs...you name it, they can provide it. This also includes information not given to common man or Annie.


150 is the resident cap, and families are strictly counseled if they choose to have a lot of children (they are not discouraged, however).  There is a roughly equal amount of humans and Annies, though this changes with visitor count. As it is a settlement and pivotal trading point for several nearby towns, all sorts of folk come through, and are strictly patted down for threats or potential hazards.

⛰️Annie Residents⛰️

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