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Nilrisa's have onion shaped heads with a gem in their forehead and no mouth. They have leaves that hang down and vine like tentacles as they use as prehensile appendages.

General Information

Size and Weight

Height: 10cm - 60cm (4in - 24in)
Weight:  50g - 700g (2oz - 25oz)


Most forms of liquid, some prefer sweeter like honey, while others prefer water, it depends on the Nilrisa. They also can use photosynthesis to produce energy for themselves. 


They communicate by omitting squeaking noises, gesturing with their tentacles and by making eye contact.


Baseline 10 years, blessing dependent.


Anywhere where water is found.

Species status

Depends on the area, very rare in deserts but quite common where there is water.

Behavior and Relationships

♥ General demeanor and temperament
Gentle, docile. They are quite fragile and fret easily.

♥ Behavior with others of their own species
Nilrisa live in small packs of 3-5 but it is not uncommon for them to be solitary too.  

♥ Behavior with other creatures
The trade water for vials with Floraveras. However, Nilrisa are considered food by Gachagoops (the ones that are unhatched and buried in the ground).Floraveras have a fondness for the Nilrisa water as it can help them purify their mucus if they have used flowers that have toxins. 

♥ Behavior with Annies
They get very attached to their owners as they see them as protection. Certain companies exist that use Nilrisas to clean larger bodies of water. Nilrisas are paid= in high quality liquids and gemified liquids to replenish themselves.  

♥ Behavior with Humans
While Nilrisas tend to avoid humans because they are more industrial, however, the more down to earth humans have been known to have Nilrisas as pets.

Reproduction, Growth, & Health

♥ Reproduction
They pollinate like flowers and plant seeds in the ground that grow to a ripe bulb that will be harvested. They are monogamous for life. Gachagoop goo and gem water help them grow.

♥ What does the offspring look like?
They look like fully grown Nilrisas except thinner and their head is bigger.

♥ What are the parent’s responsibilities toward the young?
With love and care, they are let go around the age of 1 year to find a life of their own.

♥ How long does it take to reach adulthood?
They reach maturity around 1 year after birth.

♥ Weaknesses and health issues
They are very frail, need a constant water supply, can’t really defend against threats (very rare cases if they are blessed by a toxic plant). Lack of water turns them into their bulb form and they become completely defenseless.

Nilrisa purify polluted water in small amounts, they can, however, get weakened if they gather to much of it at once. Additionally, Nilrisa are incredibly susceptible to intense heat and fire causing them to overheat often if not cared for properly by themselves or otherwise. They are capable of being “rehydrated” after overheating but it could take weeks, or even months for the Nilrisa to recover, and at times, full recovery isn't possible. If a Nilrisa cannot fully recover, it will lose the capacity for flight.


The Nilrisa, or water spirit, is a familiar species which needs, at minimum, crystal dust and some sort of liquid, typically gemstone-infused water, to be born. Other ingredients and fertilizers will affect the temperament and colors of the creature.

Gachagoop goo can be used to fertilize the ground and this can change the outcome. But be careful, Gachagoop are known to eat the seedlings of Nilrisa as they are considered very tasty. Their bodies appear as an onion shaped blossom atop lengthy petal-like "tentacles". This bud is actually what holds the lifeforce of the Nilrisa: a gem, swimming in a pool of the used liquid.

If you find a lot of Nilrisa near water, you know it is safe to drink. As a Nilrisa matures, this liquid will start to drain, and must be replenished regularly. A Nilrisa low on this life water becomes sickly, and may reform back into it's original shape, a rosebud, to conserve energy. In this rosebud form, the Nilrisa is completely incapable of movement, or utilizing any of its powers.

If you as an Annie or Human have a lot of unknown Nilrisas around you, you are considered unclean (intoxicated), so be careful if have been celebrating a bit too much or drowning your sorrows.

Magic and Abilities

♥ Water purification, limited magic use, flight.

♥ All Nilrisa are capable of flight using anti-gravity force, with their gem's limited magic, when they are flying at a high altitude they use the natural wind flow to help them. The larger the Nilrisa is, the harder it is for it to stay afloat.

♥ Nilrisa are very capable foragers, finding plants and flowers with ease, bigger Nilrisas are better finding rare plants and flowers because they have more magical power and better sensory system. As such, they make very useful companions for apothecaries and travelers. In addition to this, Nilrisa can check for water purity, use their petals to find locations of mineral rich earth, and store flower seeds for later use.

♥ A Nilrisa may develop some minor abilities related to the kinds of plants they typically gather (ie: a Nilrisa used for gathering healing herbs may develop a healing power), but it is rare for this power to have any real strength.

♥ Their powers come from studying the flowers and plants, gaining an understanding of what they can do and use their properties to their advantage.

Original species concept

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