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💎 A blend of meteor + ore 💎

💎 Background 💎

Centuries ago, some travelling Annies discovered an underground cave with crystals as far as the eye can see. However, while they were in the process of mining it, they unintentionally unearthed a large volatile crystal. In their haste to break the crystal so it was easier to transport, they created a chain reaction, causing the cavern to explode. The resulting explosion catapulted the land into the air where it remained due to the crystals' magic. Not wanting all their hard work to be in vain and lose the crystals, the Annies decided to build a city on top of the now floating island, while they attempted to mine out what was beneath it. This city became Mitiora.

The miners used ropes to travel between the mines and the island. Citizens and sightseers use opulent elevators powered by levitation magic. All seemed in order as the town started to grow, and more investors from far off cities who wanted more crystals. However, conflict started to rise over the years as some believed that if too many crystals were harvested, the town would no longer be able to stay airborne and will eventually fall apart. Due to the crystals being the main source of income, these complaints were silenced by the greedier citizens who would rather make a profit over ensuring the safety of everyone. This led to the town being very rich and prosperous, and a collected majority of elite Annies who live there as astronomers or celebrities with vast amounts of money. Sadly, most people cannot afford to stay within the town as the cost of life increased along with the wealth of its population.

It is not rare that conflicts between the residents will result in one of them being quite literally pushed over the edge, crashing to their death below the floating island. It has also been noted that some parents who have children blessed by birds will push them off the edge to force them to manifest their wings and fly. These occurrences have attracted some scavenger creatures and monsters, such as the D’abre. Oddly enough, they do a dabbing motion when seeing the Annies falling to their death from the floating island. This behavior gave rise to a myth saying that if you dab in front of one of these monster, they won’t see you.

💎 Temp & Climate 💎

As the town lies to the West, the temperature generally ranges from 20 degrees Celsius but will be much colder at night due to the altitude.
(68 Fahrenheit)

💎 Flora & Fauna 💎

The plants native to this area are very sturdy due to the strong winds that are very common. Everything that wasn’t blown off the edge or eroded over time has reproduced and so the landscape - while heavily cultivated - has been tested to withstand the harsh environment. With the winds, what plants are allowed outside is regulated to those who have strong root systems and are aesthetically pleasing to the rich.

💎 Location 💎

The town lies between the equator and the North Pole, slightly to the West. It’s not unusual for it to snow during a summer night and then to have that snow melt by morning.

💎 Special Occasions 💎

Every ten years, a meteorite shower can be observed in the skies. This event is one of Mitiora’s greatest tourist attractions. Due to its location in the sky, Mitiora is the best place for observing this phenomenon.

Once a year on the ground, they have a county fair with glittering crystal lanterns and the best food money can buy. Floravera who offer their services to do “drop flies” from the island, is a widely popular attraction. Guards are hired to keep monsters out and let the citizens and tourists have fun.

Every now and then, the town’s oligarchs organize hunting parties to kill D’abres. Only the best combatants are brought to these events, as the creatures are extremely strong and violent. Once defeated, the Annies will harvest the eggs from the D’abre’s bodies quickly before they hatch, to then be used as enhancing material.
It is common practice to hire powerful annies to compete in the events.

💎 Architecture & Buildings of Interest 💎

Houses here are very tall and made of stone, so that they are able to withstand harsh winds and other kind of natural disasters, as occasionally, the crystal harvest will trigger small quakes or other similar reactions. The parliament building was built around the main crystal and for this reason, only the highest ranked officials are allowed in. The building is lavishly decorated by statues and gold and is heavily guarded, so that the crystal is not damaged or tampered with.

One of the nobel’s organizations built the continent’s largest observatory. The investment into the building was paid off in less than a year, as scholars fought desperately to get accepted and learn at a world class observatory. Mitiora’s unique place above the ground lends itself to the study of the sky and even weather. As the observatory gained popularity, so did the school connected to it. Lots of rich parents send their children to the Mitiora Boarding School as they can afford the best teachers and educational environment for their children.

💎 Government & Laws 💎

As citizens are very greedy, the city does not function under a democracy.
They see the city more as a business than a settlement, although they do care for the inhabitants.
Their governmental structure is an Oligarchy, as it functions under several high ranking leaders.

It is not unheard of for underlings to try and stage political coup-de-tas,
but these problems are mostly squashed by the guards who are
bound by honour and loyalty to protect the true leaders.

Treason is punished by being thrown off the edge of Mitiora and fed to the D’abre.

💎Trade & Specialties💎

Their specialties lie in their extensive knowledge of crystals and their functionality
as well as advanced weapon making.

They also sell their luxury lifestyle to the rich and famous.
Most small houses are rented out to students, teachers,
and long term travelers and employees of the rich.

💎 Population 💎

The majority of the population consists of Annies, with few humans. There are around 4000 inhabitants.

💎 Annie Residents 💎

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