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Welcome to our Meet the Mods journal!
Here you can get to know the team who works together to run the Anniverse



Role: Creator

❝ What does it take to get the Anniverse started?
Apparently, a kind heart, a love for the world, and so much determination
she could probably find a way to take a D'abre on by herself.

As loyal to her friends as she is to her dreams,
Yami does all she can to bring Anniverse to life and smiles to our faces. ❞

Current Mods

* Hover over each icon to learn more about our lovely mods! *

❝ Shiiro ❞

⸢ With long claws that clack against her tablet she works relentlessly to make Anniverse come to life with her drawings, all the while doing her best to keep the community safe and happy. With a sugary voice she will listen to all your concerns! ⸥

Community Manager | Lore Overseer
Anniverse Artist


❝ Jolt ❞

⸢ The electric face of the mod team, bringing volts and jolts to Anniverse (in the least painful way possible) he never fails to bring laughs to the chat with his puns. Do not fear his sparks, for he can write up pages upon pages of lore at lightning speeds, not to mention, Jolt is constantly behind the scenes working on our very own bot: Botami! ⸥

Bot Manager | Coder
Lore Overseer


❝ Mila ❞

⸢ A sweet bun, constantly tailoring outfits for the shops and art for the world itself. She may not always be there, but every minute she spends with you will make you grateful that she’s popping in. With loving words and helpful pointers, she will make you feel at home both on the discord and the deviantart group! ⸥

dA Group Mod | AP Shop Seller
Anniverse Artist


❝ Kitten ❞

⸢ Our precious and reliable corgi, just like the animal she loves so much, Kitten is a loyal and kindhearted person! With her firm but fair words she handles community issues with ease, and ensures that everything backend in Anniverse runs smoothly. Perhaps you too have been blessed by the images of corgis that she has posted in the relax channel! ⸥

Task Manager | Coder
AP Bank Manager | Twitter Tweeter


❝ Cookie ❞

Community Manager
Anniverse Artist | dA Group Mod


❝ Kou ❞

Community Manager
Proofreader | Lore Overseer


❝ Cae ❞

Community Manager | Proofreader
AP Bank Manager | dA Group Mod


Mods on Hiatus

* Mods who are currently on a break and will be returning to us soon! *

❝ Aitsumo | Tippi | Charm ❞

⸢ Cute as a button, she brings happiness to the community of Anniverse with sweet comments and adorable emojis! Careful though, one wrong step and you may experience a firmer side to this kind hearted bean - firm and fair she will set you right! Her charming demeanour will leave you feeling blessed like the Annies themselves~ ⸥

Twitter Tweeter


❝ Carmen ❞

⸢ Constantly ensuring that tasks are done on time and the bank is in order, she will always be there bright and early to bring smiles to the community. Shy as she may be, this never affects her work load and she always strives to do her best! ⸥

Task Manager | AP Bank Manager
dA Group Mod


❝ Yume ❞

⸢ Although shy, her love and dedication to Anniverse shows through her hard work, building the foundation for all of our DA content with her gorgeous codes! As the team's sole coder, she is always very hard at work, bringing smiles and warmth to the community! ⸥

Coder | Twitter Tweeter
dA Group Mod


❝ Ineu ❞

Community Manager
dA Group Mod


Mods in Training

* Mods who are training to be a permanent mod for Anniverse! *

❝ Terra ❞

AP Shop Seller
Lore Overseer


Not sure what each mod roles are for? Check out our Anniverse Discord journal to find out!
How does our mod system work? Drop by our Monthly Mod Work Calculation journal to read all about it!

Thank you to our wonderful mods for always doing their best!
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