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Matahari was created as the perfect tourist attraction by a group of powerful Annies looking for a place where their worries couldn’t catch up to them. Located directly on one of the continent’s most beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts and shops were built and the town quickly became a place where Annies and humans alike would come in search of relaxation and fun.

Unlike other beaches, Matahari’s beaches are covered in rainbow hued sand which was a result of the crystal fragments left behind from the fireworks and crushed crystalized shells from the sea. Many tourists enjoy gathering up some sand in a bottle as a souvenir.

One of the main attractions would be the Rising Leviathan Inn, a large establishment where Annies can relax and enjoy a good time. They have plenty of SPAs that offer massage services, mud baths, salty water baths or fresh water baths. Not everyone can afford to stay here, but anyone who has been able to afford it enjoyed their stay to the fullest.

🌴Temp & Climate🌴

Annually, the lowest temperature ranges around 60°F (15°c) , and the highest temperature ranges around 110°F (43°c).

🌴Flora & Fauna🌴

One of the most famous bird found around Matahari is a type of pelican known as the percolican (percolating pelican). That bird’s beak pouch has baleens allowing it to feed themselves and their young in a strange way. First, they collect many fruits in their pouches, then compress the pouches to crush the fruits. The baleen filters the juices and allows it to drip down the bird’s beak. The bird eats the fruit and let their young drink the filtered juice. So much juice is produced though that Annies frequently collect the excess and create their own fancy drinks with it.

Other tropical fauna such as toucans, parrots, flamingoes and many more can be found here.

Additionally, due to the magical properties of the crystal fragments used in the firework event, any fragment that could not be recovered will break apart within a few days and mix with the soil. Fruit trees growing near these fragments will see their fruit grow to two or three times larger than normal thanks to the magically infused fertilizer.


South-west of the continent on an island

🌴Special Occasions🌴

Occasionally, Sybil visits the island to tell the stories of the main continent. She describes the most relevant events and uses her magic to create imagery for her tales. Sybil’s storytelling is a must see, especially for those that do not travel outside of the island.

Fireworks Event:
Once a year in the first month of Summer, The resort hold a spectacular fireworks display with magic infused rockets. The rockets themselves contain crystals which determine the color of the firework. The magic infused into the crystal is to make sure the crystal explodes once launched into the sky and determines the pattern of the firework. Once the display is over, all residents and visitors are encouraged to search for the crystal fragments spread all around. These crystal pieces are then used as a one night only currency for the other attractions such as food stands, games of skills and so on. Once the morning comes, all the crystal pieces recovered are then melted magically and used to create a sculpture depicting one of the most influential event of the year.
Treasure Chest Hunt:
An event that happens once each summer months. A small treasure chest covered in decorative carvings the size of a large lunchbox is hidden on the reef. Teams are created with a maximum of 5 people a team and given until sundown to find the chest. The winner receives the box which is filled with an assortment of treasures such as crystals, petalies, jewelry and other items. No two box have the same carvings.
Leviathan Dance:
An event exclusively for guests of the Rising Leviathan Inn. It is held weekly on their private section of the beach. Minor variations are made for each performance until a new performance is choreographed. The dancers often get the audience involved, teaching them a couple simple moves so they can participate as ’backup dancers’.

🌴Architecture & Buildings of Interest🌴

Buildings here favor wood, straw, mud and netting over stone. The architecture for most resort houses try to give the illusion of being bigger than they really are by having large windows, or entire sections of the wall simply being glass with long flowing curtains for privacy. This building style allows the residents to feel completely immersed with the beautiful island. All buildings have been magically constructed so that even the most basic of materials end up being transformed into luxurious buildings and strengthened to be able to withstand any tropical storms.

Rising Leviathan Inn:
The Rising Leviathan Inn is the largest resort in Matahari, it is said the founder of the resort had the privilege of witnessing a real leviathan, moved by its elegant appearance and graceful movements, he named his resort after the creature to commemorate the experience. Many Serpentine carvings and paintings can be found incorporated into the inns design.
The Inn offers two types of accommodation, ones situated in the main building of the Inn and the others being a set of water bungalows which is the more expensive of the two. Both rooms are highly luxurious with only the finest materials used in its construction.
The establishment has a variety of baths, spa treatments and massage services for their guests. Some of the baths are under the cover of a glass gazebo like structure which protects it from the elements.
The Inn itself was built next to a rocky tunnel which leads to an alcove allowing guests to have access to their own private beach. Once a week an extravagant dance performance is held on the alcove to honor the Inns namesake.  
Matahari’s rainbow hued beaches are definitely one of the resort islands main attractions. Many people can be found building sand castles, wading in the water looking for shells, or  playing beach volleyball. Numerous umbrella shaded stands that sell hats, fruit juice and sunscreen can be found dotted around the beach reminding visitors about sun safety. Lifeguards can also be found patrolling the beach ready to spring into action at the sign of trouble, or the sight of someone littering the beach.
The people of Matahari decided to grow magically enhanced bamboo, large enough for a person to fit inside, to create a magnificent water slide. Water is pumped up via a crystal generator, which they commissioned from the people of Songbell. Due to the immense popularity, they are thinking of building another.

🌴Government & Laws🌴

Matahari, as it is accepts both Annies and Humans but has strict rules forbidding discrimination towards either parties. Lifelong bans are put in place towards individuals who are known to cause trouble or a create disturbances to the resort. As they value each tourist and the island’s reputation greatly.

🌴Trade & Specialties🌴

Matahari is a tourist town, home to numerous hotels and spa resorts which are the main source of income. They do sell many tourist gifts like seashell jewelry, beach themed clothing and swimwear and for those who can really afford it, have their picture stored in a crystal.
Herbs and flowers they cannot grow themselves are imported from Asterglean. The people of Matahari have also worked with Songbell on a couple of occasions for certain features like the waterslide and the leviathan mosaic.



🌴Annie Residents🌴

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