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🔮A special resource that allows magic users to cast spells.🔮


The town of Mana is a secret to most, but those who are aware of its presence know that it is one of the best places in Aster to find magical goods. A massive crystal that quickly fills the magic cores of those in its reach is largely responsible for this. The crystal can be considered a blessing and a curse, as residents who do not use their powers regularly could face death. For this reason, magical activity is seen almost everywhere; from students improving their skills to craftsmen creating magic infused items. Most travelers visit in hopes of enrolling in their highly reputable magic school.

Floraveras can be found walking the streets of Mana and trading their perfumes to the locals. The magical nature of the environment makes it a great place for them to find a variety of ingredients for their mixtures.

Mana locals tend to be wary of any traveler who speaks highly of Villian, as she is the reason their original village was destroyed. People who seem to side with her views and ideals may end up being executed. The villagers do not want to risk letting Villian find out that, years ago, some were able to survive the initial assault.

The town’s primary goal is to live in peace, and they value it over any sort of involvement with the outside world. The citizens, however, are very friendly to those who are legitimately interested in their life and culture. And although it is rare, any human who is able to survive Mana’s environment by using magic is welcomed with open arms.

🔮Temp & Climate🔮

The temperature varies between 10C to 20C in the summer and can drop to -20C in the winter. The villagers have created a multitude of devices to help keep the town warm and cozy. Recharging them is part of the children’s magical training.

🔮Flora & Fauna🔮

Due to the crystal’s proximity, only organisms without a magic core or those that can spend their magic are able to survive for long periods of time here. Floraveras are popular pets due to their magical nature and their ability to survive in this environment.


Northwest of the continent.

🔮Special Occasions🔮

Every day, the villagers are encouraged to burn a bit of magic, both as part of their training and to ensure that their cores don’t reach their limit.

Once a year, the villagers reunite inside the crystal cave and celebrate the freedom they’ve earned by fleeing from Villian’s army. On that night, they pay their respect to the crystal that has granted them increased magical powers, and share a meal with their loved ones.

🔮Architecture & Buildings of Interest🔮

The majority of the buildings have been crafted from within the mountain itself and offer great shelter from harsh weather. The town is separated into 3 layers. Flat ground, the 1st layer, is used to make stone houses and shops. The most notable buildings are the Magic Forge and the Magic Academy that was built in the first few years since the founding of the town.

🔮Government & Laws🔮

Laws are fairly strict in Mana. A curfew is held between sunset and sunrise as the cliffs around the town make it too dangerous to be out in the dark. Another rule states that no Villian loyalists are allowed in the town. If a resident brings one in, they are then executed, just as the “guest” would be. Their fear of the royal troops finding the village to finish off what they couldn’t years ago is still ingrained in the heart of each villager. They would rather deliver a final sentence over risking the town’s location to be found.

🔮Trade & Specialties🔮

One of town’s main sources of income is the trade of magical items and weapons. The crystal makes it that much easier for craftsmen to make these highly valuable items. The magic teaching done at the academy also raises a decent revenue. While it is not heavily publicized, rumors of the town’s strong magic tends to be spread across the continent. Occasionally, magic students from other areas will travel to Mana in hopes of learning from the academy.


The town has a population of approximately 1000. No humans can currently live in the town unless they know how to use magic.

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