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Sorry, you cannot make a town right now!
We already have many amazing towns currently being updated by our mod team!

* We will make an announcement in our Discord server if town applications reopen! *

What is a Town?

A town is a place within the Anniverse where
Annies, Humans and other creatures can reside in.

You do not have to own an Annie to make a town
nor are you obligated to make one if you have one!

It is a fun project in expanding the community and Anniverse~

Making a town is free for everyone,
but note that you will have to go through several steps
for it to be officially approved and implemented in Anniverse! ♥

How to Make a Town?

1) Use the Template below to create your town!

2) After the creation of your rough draft, contact a
Lore Overseer (LO) (Ethii | 121GWJolt | Njaesen)
so they may review and ask for clarifications/changes regarding your town.

3) After revisions from an LO, it will then be passed down to Yamio for further inspection and will either be approved or asked to make slight changes to fit her vision for Anniverse.

4) Once everything has been approved, your town will then be passed to the Coders to make an official journal that will be posted in Anniverse (this will include many back & forth inputs from all parties involved).

5) Finally, when both you and the coders are happy with how the town journal looks, it will be posted on the Anniverse group!
And tadaa~ You now have your very own town in the Anniverse! ♥


Name: What is the Name of your town and meaning behind it?
Town founder: Yourself or multiple people if you all worked on it together 
Town background: Past History and Present History
Temperature & Climate: Can provide seasonal or year-round.
Flora & Fauna: Plants & Animals found here
Location: In terms of where it is in the World and compared to other towns (i.e northwest of this town/etc)
Special occasions: Festivals & Events and a little explanation 
Architecture & Buildings of Interest: Includes housing internal and external (i.e old fashioned outside; modern inside, etc)
Government & Laws: Type of structure & important laws
Trade & Specialties: What does your town specialize in? (i.e Crops, clothing, etc)
Population: (Numbers - are there more Annies or more humans or a balance?)
Annies living here: If there are none atm please put "TBA"
Link to more detail about the town: or doc with detailed info & pictures with more info on your town

Coded by somnolent-a and softely
© 2018 - 2021 Anniverse
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