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Items such as wedding rings can store magic or something personal.

If the partner dies, their ring can show a recorded message. However, the maximum length of the message or volume of magic that the item can hold depends on the material and quality of the item. For example, a gold item can store more than an item made of bronze.

Magic can be stored in flowers but in order for it to last, a spell may be required that prevents the flower from withering or at least age a lot slower. This can be used for using flowers as decorations for an outfit.

Annies and crystals work incredibly well together since Annies can control magic. They can infuse, store, and retract magic from crystals. Having a magic container to contain the Annie’s magic is mandatory as they grow older, if they wish to continue to use magic on a daily basis. More about this can be found in the Magic and Core Journal.

It is possible to be a living magical container, even willingly, for both humans and Annies. It is incredibly difficult to create a reverse contract however, but has moral-based uses.  An example is to become a vessel for another who is dying of a condition. However, this contract becomes more difficult as time goes on, as the vessel will gradually drain the life force of the living container. Living containers do sadly happen a lot, there are some that use the core within living things for their own gains. This sometimes lead to the living container being drained completely, resulting in its death. However, if the living container died whilst having a full container, the magic would flow back into the “owner” which would cause their death as well, unless they have a large enough core to take the excess magic.

In regards to a willing living container, an example would be if in a hospital a baby was born but was close to dying, someone with a good magical knowledge would be able to become the baby’s magical container. The baby would then use the life force/magic of said person. But as stated before, reversing this would be hard and may lead to both the vessel’s and container’s death as time goes on.

If one becomes a magic container, it may be possible to wield the stored magic; however, in the case of humans, it would be very difficult for a human to use magic that doesn't belong to them. Even if an Annie uses a human as a container to store magic within their core, it does not mean the human can use the magic stored within them.

It's not possible to remove a human's ability to use magic as they have grown their own core and capabilities.
Taking away their ability to use magic would be like removing someone’s lung size. Like an Annie, their magic core can be overfilled/drained completely and cause their death.

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