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❂ Formerly known as Hikari, the city of light. ❂


Long ago, the city of light, Hikari, stood proudly within the snowy plains of northern Aster. At the time, it was a town populated by humans, outcast by their blessed counter parts. For centuries they strived. However, a catastrophe from an unknown source destroyed the town. The winds suddenly became much stronger, the hail and snow became unbearable, and what once was a beautiful city turned into merely a shell of itself. Nonetheless, during the months that followed the degradation of Hikari, Annie settlers seeking shelter found the barely standing town. At first, the remaining inhabitants were wary of them, but they knew that everyone’s chances of survival would increase exponentially if they helped each others instead of being confrontational.

The Annies were convinced that whatever caused this permanent tempest had unnatural origins, but they had no way to pinpoint its source. They ended up devising a plan. With the help of the humans, and the Annies’ magic, they started installing enchanted lanterns within the walls of the town and around its perimeter. Once positioned properly, these lanterns would be able to project a shield against the elements that made the town bearable to live in once more. The snow storm still rages for hours on end, blocking the sunlight. However, for about four hours every day, the tempest calms down just enough to allow some of the sun’s rays to bless the town.

The Annies and humans who worked so hard together to save the town decided to rename it Luminoire as a testament of their newfound collaboration.

❂Temp & Climate❂

Luminoire's location and the mere four hours a day of sunlight it gets results in a very low average temperature of about 0°C in a tundra climate.

❂Flora & Fauna❂

Lichens, pine trees, and snow faring critters can be found all around the town.


Luminoire is found within the far north of Aster.

❂Special Occasions❂

The Lantern Festival
A yearly event where children are invited to decorate their own personal lanterns. With the help of their parents, they paint and draw on the glass until they are ready to expose them all in the central plaza of the town. Once they are all placed, the villagers then proceed to sing and dance until morning comes. At that time, they recover their lantern and bring them home.
The Festival of Lights
A ceremony held once every three months. During this event, the enchanted lamp posts and lanterns will be reignited with renewed light. During the ceremony, they all start to glow with such intensity that the normally dimly lit town is now as bright as the sun. This day is a holiday where no one is expected to work and they should spend that time with their family.

❂Architecture & Buildings of Interest❂

The houses are mostly old fashioned in white marble. The lanterns and lamp posts that now protect the town are a very important part of its design. Many houses commission their own custom lanterns to hang on their outer walls.

One of the most prominent structure is the “Chime and Rhyme” store. A store which specializes in building custom lanterns and wind chimes.

❂Government & Laws❂

A council of 15 individuals manage the town’s laws and order. A mix of Annies and humans ensure that the whole community strives and prospers.

Most of the laws in the town are common laws such as no thievery, murder or other form of violence. However, they also have some rules against the average citizen meddling with the lamp posts and lanterns as these are what protects the town against the raging storm outside.

❂Trade & Specialties❂

The town is mostly known for its lanterns and lamp posts inspired by the blessing Annies get. All of them are decorated to be as unique as possible. Many Annies contribute to the construction by using their own blessings to create new floral decorations.


The population constantly fluctuates as many cannot stand living in near permanent darkness. However, there are also many who move into the town as they are attracted by the tales of the lantern town.

❂Annie Residents❂

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Hello! My oc bijou lives here 
+OC+ Bijou Profile by firead
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hello firead! so sorry for the late reply TT O TT
we've updated the masterlist and bijou is now a resident of luminoire!
thank you for letting us know ♡
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Thank you so much!!
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Thank you! I’m looking forward to seeing my babies listed with the rest of their neighbors here! ^_^
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Hi there, Hanamiyo here!! My oc is called Eleanori or Ella for short ♥ Im not sure who to contact about this but hope this will do //////
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