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Annies as a species name is always written with a capital ‘A’ no matter what.

World leader: Villian lives in Bord de Etoilicia, the capital of Aster.

Currency: Petalies

Arcane Magic: Basic magical ability. Utility in how to use your blessings. What your core consists off before changing elemental properties.

Elemental magic: Water, earth, wind, fire, light, dark

Sub elemental magic: Ice | steam, Metal | lava, Gravitation | speed, Lightning | laser, Healing | energy, Shadow | energy 

Sub skills: Light | Dark magic = Spiritual magic 
Water | Earth | Wind | Fire = Nature magic

All Annies are capable of using every element with enough training. However they are always proficient in one or two elements.

Annie Fashion:
Fancy, golden details. Always aiming to be an individual.

Human Fashion: Practical, unison with each other. Group trends.

Crystals: Crystals are used to store energy and make weapons. They need to make a contract to properly function and are non-sentient. The higher the quality of the crystal, the more magic the crystal can store in a small amount.

Airships: Used to travel between cities on the continent. Uses anti-gravity and a magnetism system. Can only go in straight lines.

Priestesses: Collectively called "Seers". Born with the ability to see the magical energy around people which in turn can be developed to see their blessings aura, or even the blessings themselves. This is a high position in society.

Witches: Use magic and potions for selfish forbidden means. For example, love potions, curses, poisons and involvement with the dead. They are both feared and respected. There is a stigma around them.

Guardians: Usually the protector of a town or forest. In most cases associated with Villian to relay information on the town’s status. Needs to be powerful in combat.

World Species: Floravera, Oogie, Lovah, Petiu, Froodle, Ecocrit, D’abre and more.

Species Summary

Floravera: A mount creature. Blessed by flora. Cooperative and intelligent. Holds their own business. Cannot speak. Herbivore.

Oogie: Walks on two legs. Aggressive creatures. Smiths and welders. Can speak. Intelligent. Omnivore.

Lovah: Tiny creature with an abnormally long tail. Dog level of intelligence. Pure love. Usually seen together with Oogies. Herbivore.

Petiu: Tiny tiny owl species, blessed by flowers. Wings made out of leaves or petals. Smells good. If infused with magic, can become a huge mount for a short period of time. Herbivore.

Crystal owl (name TBA) : Owls which are blessed by different crystals. When they fly, sparkly particles fall. Their wings are deadly and should not be approached unless you have experience. Omnivore

 Snakes blessed by fruits. Their smell attracts pray. Small. Omnivore.

Deer/weasel like creature. Comes in many different sizes. Docile. Blessed by flora. Common pet. Sleeps in pots and curls up like a kitten. Herbivore.

Nilrisa: Tiny tiny water spirit species. Gentle and fragile, with onion shaped heads. Found new large bodies of water and have an ability to purify water. Herbivore.

Gachagoops: Small chubby species with gooey bodies. Live in symbiosis with leafies and Floravera. Perky, energetic temperament. Make versatile pets. Omnivore.

D’abre: Enormous large species. Predator. Feeds on Annie’s Core. Sleeps underground. Blessed by trees only. Carnivore/Cornivore*
*Cornivore are creatures that eat or ingest core/magic.


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