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The lifespan of an Annie is slightly longer than a human.
Humans live for around 80 years. Humans have about the same lifespan as our world’s humans do.

Annies live for about 100 years. An Annie's total lifespan is 100 or so years plus the lifespan of their blessing.

The average lifespan of their blessings will be added to the base lifespan. If an Annie is blessed by an Perennial plant, it does not make them immortal. In fact, Perennial just means that the plants lives for more than 2 years.

Age has great impact on the community and the wise, older Annies are highly respected. Age often reflects one’s wisdom and knowledge; thus, old Annies commonly work as leaders and political figures.

An Annie being mythical does not necessarily mean that they are immortal. Some mythical and legendary creatures can have a specific lifespan. In these cases, the creature's lifespan would be added to the 100 years without making the Annie immortal.

When an Annie starts to reach the end of their life, their inner organs will slowly decay, causing them to become weaker and more prone to diseases. Even though Annies will not physically age unless they so desire, their body will eventually wear out after enough time has passed.

Blessings from mythical creatures such as dragons, unicorns, pegasus, and so forth will grant immortality. Only some creatures can grant immortality. These will be determined by their canon longevity in the Anniverse.

Even if an Annie has an immortal blessing, they can still die from an illness or being killed. Immortality only refers to the natural lifespan. Lethal wounds and diseases can still harm and eventually kill an immortal Annie.

An Annie naturally stops aging physically when their body has reached its peak around the age of 25. To keep aging, the Annie would have to acquire a potion or spell to do so. Most Annies will not pursue aging past the point their body naturally stops growing older. The only way to physically age after that is through artificial means.

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