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Laoluzia began as a farming town growing wheat, flax, papyrus as well as its famous native fruit, mangoes. Positioned next to the famous freshwater river, the Nahri River, by one of its branching points into a smaller river being the river, Anahr River. The Nahri River runs parallel to the sea to where the town is positioned, allowing the townsfolk to have access to the freshwater on one side and the ocean on the other. Due to this, it was not long before they had developed their own port where they would export their extra produce to other towns.

Laoluzia’s growth was so rapid, that it soon grew so large that it expanded across the Anahr River which now runs through the town. The port had now developed into an important trading hub, its waters filled with ships and traders. There were often many people down at the port, waiting, trading and bargaining, leading to some residents deciding to sing and/or dance to pass the time, providing entertainment for others. As time passed, Laoluzia’s port was known for its festive atmosphere, with a few performers even managing to make a name for themselves as word of their skill was passed along to other towns via the trade ships. A desire to travel to Laoluzia to see these famed performers was born.

Stages were built, and seats were filled. Those that could sing and dance during a performance were dubbed as ‘Idols’. A profession which required them to practice every day to perfect their performance and bring joy to those watching them perform. Laoluzia was no longer just a trading port town, it was now also home to Idols, music and performing arts.

Further up the river, away from the ocean and about a five hour camel ride, lies Laoluzia’s pure white silica sand mines, which are used to make glass for windows, jars, doors and other common glass structures. Large quantities of sand are sent to Songbell, who use it to create more unorthodox glass items. The grains of quartz that makes up the sand is brought down from the Manwari mountain which is one of the main origins of the Nahri River. Additionally, a unique coral-like plant, made entirely of quartz, can be found living in the river. At night, they glow, making the river look like it’s filled with stars.

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