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Laoluzia has opened up an open mic night for all you Karaoke loving Annies!

Please join us for a night of fun on
June 3rd at 1:00 AM CEST (7:00 PM EST)
in the Anniverse Discord Server!

How it Works

♥ If you have a song in mind, you can add your username and your song with the artist's name (that way it's easier to find) to the google doc pinned in the chat.

♥ Please type your name under the last person. Anyone moving names on the document will not be allowed to participate in that night's karaoke. 

♥ When it's your turn to wow the audience, the DJs will start the music and the videos at the same time. From there, just have fun singing!


♥ Please be courteous and mute your mic when you are not singing.

♥ If you want to talk please use the designated chatroom

♥ Be kind, only give criticism if they have asked for it

♥ Don’t put yourself down multiple times in a row

♥ Find a CLEAN version of your song (No swear words or overt sexual themes)

♥ Please provide the link to your specific version of the song, otherwise the mods will choose from the first results on YouTube

♥ If there are no karaoke version of your song, you can still put it down but we prefer to hear you!

♥ All songs must be under 5 minutes

♥ Most of all, have fun!

If you are interested in participating, please feel free to join the server!

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A very interesting event. The truth is, personally, I am very embarrassed to sing in karaoke as I sing very badly. And mostly I like to sing along to girl country music, but not everyone likes country music. It is because of this that I do not attend such events very often. Although it's very nice that your discord server has an anniversary. How old is your discord server? I also have a discord server that is about 4 years old, but we have never held the anniversary of the server because we do not see much sense in it. Although I think there is a special difference between communication in skype and discord. Discord allows you to not only communicate, but even create a small community. In general, congratulations on the last anniversary! Of course, I was two years late, but still.